Craigie On Main

Boston, MA

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Cuisine Description

“First and foremost Craigie On Main is based on seasonality,” says Carl York, general manager and beverage director. “Because of this, wine tends to be ahead of the food. Muscadet or Rosé is ready when you want it. It was finished, aged, bottled and is ready to enjoy. On the food side, it’s key that we wait for the best of the season whether it is asparagus, ramps or peaches. In that sense, the wine is ahead of the food curve.”

Try out Chef Tony Maws's Pork Heart and Sausage Ragout at home >>>

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Wine List Description
The Old World-leaning wine program is primarily French. “We strive for real wine made by real people, meaning the wine was made by a person that farms the land, makes the wine, tends to the barrels and then bottles it,” says York.
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Riot-Worthy Dish
Wine Enthusiast editors asked America's 100 Best Wine Restaurants of 2013 "which dish would start a riot if it was taken off the menu?" Their riot-worthy dish is…
"Diners love the whole-roasted Misty Knoll chicken for two: The bird is carved and shared amongst the table, and servers have been spotted packing up the carcass for customers to use as a soup stock."

Perfect Pairing
An incredible wine-and-food pairing is Cedric Bouchard’s 2010 Inflorescence Champagne, paired with fried Nova Scotia smelt and squid ink aioli.

Wine Events
The tasting menu is done at the whim of the chef and changes from table to table, adapting to guests’ moods, interests and enthusiasm.


Wine Enthusiast Magazine announced the third annual issue of America's best wine-centric establishments, and to commemorate the list, WE hosted a rooftop party where we honored this year's recipients and toasted the exploding culture of wine and food.

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2013 Restaurant Features

Game On

Move over pork: Duck is the new darling of America’s hottest restaurants, and it scores big with playful wine pairings from Rioja to the Rhône.

Pizza Party

Wine-friendly pizzas offer diners a slice of heaven.

New York's Sommeliers Pour Local

Many of Manhattan’s best restaurants aren’t just about eating local, but drinking local wines, too.

Element of Surprise

Whether menus change daily, weekly or monthly—or cease to be presented to diners at all—eating at these restaurants is nothing less than a thrill.