April 2013

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NYC's 2nd Annual Red and White Bash

Red and White Bash

Don’t miss the event of the year! Buy tickets to our New York and Chicago parties now.

Wine Star Award Videos

Cabernet Sauvignon

Pinot Noir






2013 Best Restaurants

Restaurants that serve up a true passion for presenting mind-blowing wine-and-food pairings.

The Wine Star Awards

Wine Enthusiast Magazine honors the wine and spirit industry’s influential leaders of 2013.

2012 Best Reasturants

Wine Beginners

Kick-start your ongoing exploration of wine. Through these simple and smart guidelines, you’ll discover your own palate.

Cocktail Recipes

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2013 Vintage Chart

Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s vintage chart is a year-by-year guide to the overall quality and drinkability of the wines from the world’s major winegrowing regions.

2011 Best Restaurants

Cooking with Wine

Adding wine to your favorite recipe can impart wonderful flavor, but too much or the wrong style can put the kibbosh on a potentially delicious dinner.

Wine and Cheese

Wine and cheese are two of life’s great culinary pleasures, and finding the perfect match can be a delicious endeavor.

Wine Pairings

Each season offers some opportunity, great or small, for the worlds of food and wine to have a graceful pas de deux.

German Wine Facts & Terms

German wine labels can be intimidating: long, foreign words and ornate script are enough to make many consumers head straight for a different section of the wine shop.

Italian Wine Facts & Terms

Italian tradition is so closely grafted to the vine that the good cheer and easy attitudes associated with wine culture are mirrored in the nation’s temperament.

French Wine Facts & Terms

The style of French wine echoes that of the French themselves—elegant, well-dressed, showing an appreciation for the good things of life but never to excess.

Varietal versus Appellation Labeling

Throughout Europe, wines are classified by vineyard, village and/or region where they are made. This appellation system is based on precisely defined wine regions, some as small as a single vineyard.

White Wine Information & Basics

Learn the varietal characteristics of white wine grapes.

Red Wine Information & Basics

Learn the varietal characteristics of red wine grapes.

Glassware and Serving Basics

Insisting on a good glass is not snobbery; it’s common sense.

How To Taste Wine

Learn to evaluate wine by sight, smell and taste.

Wine For Beginners

Learning to taste wine is no different than learning to really appreciate music or art—the pleasure you receive is proportionate to the effort you make.

Walk on the Wine Side

Take in the sights—along with scrumptious sips and bites—on these vinocentric city tours.

Feast Without The Beast

The art of matching palate-pleasing wines with vegetarian dishes is soaring to new heights as the Meatless Monday trend sweeps into America's restaurants.

Cocktail of the Month: The Rhubarb Bee's Knees

Homemade rhubarb bitters and honey syrup are the keys to this Springtime libation.

Napa Valley, Take Two

For the modern wine-and-food traveler, this once sleepy region is now a top contender.

Architectural Wine-World Wonders

Beyond punching grapes, these stunning vineyards push the design envelope.

Pouring Concrete

The ancient practice of fermenting and aging wine in concrete fell out of fashion, but a slew of producers around the world are embracing the tradition.

Easter Recipes Revamped

Overhaul your holiday meal plan with these updated recipes and contemporary cocktails.

Garnishes Gone Wild

One Fruit, Two Garnishes.

Eighth-Grade Student Hosts Wine Dinner and Raises $15,000 for Charity

Plus other news and notes from the world of wine, spirits and beer.

Aiding Hurricane Sandy Victims with Wine

Members of the wine trade are launching an all-star online auction to support the continued storm-relief efforts.

Honeymoon Hot Spots

Start your happily-ever-after on a tasty note with one of these wine- and food-focused trips.

Popping the Champagne Food Bubble

Something to celebrate: Champagne takes the pressure off food-pairing.

Passover Pairings

Three kosher chefs meet WE's Passover wine pairing challenge.

April's Top 10 Under $10

These wines represent some of the best inexpensive offerings we've tasted this month.

U.S. craft beer exports increased in 2012

Plus other news and notes from the world of wine, spirits and beer.

James L. Barrett, Owner of Chateau Montelena, Dies at 86

The upstart owner who changed California wine forever.

Breaking the Beer Glass Ceiling

India Pale Ale gets a Proper pour

Henri Krug Passes Away at 75

The former president of the legendary Krug Champagne house shaped the success of region and the bottlings.

Smoked Potatoes Pair Well with Rioja

Try pairing a smoky Tempranillo with the hearty heat of this easy-to-make vegetable dish.

Game of Thrones-Inspired Beer Released

Something is brewing in Westeros.

Five Must-Try Northwest Wineries You’ve Never Heard Of

The Pacific Northwest is heating up. Try these wines now.

Ten Ways to Toast Irish Whiskey

W.E. tapped top mixologists to hear how they prefer to drink St. Patrick's honorary tipple.

Southern Exposure

Atlanta gets short shrift when it comes to its wine and culinary chops but face it, Hot-Lanta has gone gourmet.

Cakebread Cellars Launches Mullan Road

The Napa Valley winery ventures into Walla Walla Valley, Washington, for a Bordeaux-style blend of grapes.

The Melbourne Supremacy

Sydney may win the beauty contest, but Victoria’s capital is Australia’s undisputed culinary champ. Here’s where to drink and dine when Down Under.

Six Thousand Bottles of Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie’s Wine Sell Out in Hours

Plus other news and notes from the world of wine, spirits and beer.

Back to the Future

Wine is a perfect melding of tradition and invention. Here’s to the wild and wonderful adventure it offers us all.

The Golden Age of Italian Wine

Thanks to its diverse grapes, creative marketers and passionate winemakers, Italy's wines have never been better.

Grainy Goodness

The nutty flavors and chewy textures of whole grains are not only good for you, they pair wonderfully with wines of diverse origins.

Veg Out

Entertaining & Lifestyle Editors Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen designed the ultimate playbook for scoring—and savoring—a springtime bounty at your local farm stands.

Tastings Gone Wild

Sonoma County’s Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates opens Partake by K-J, an eatery and tasting lounge in Healdsburg.

Bordeaux Mogul Acquires 50% Stake in Château d’Issan

Plus other news and notes from the world of wine, spirits and beer.

Joy Ride

Imagine taking this car on a tour of Germany's picturesque wine regions.

Wine Beyond the Glass

If there's a trick to know what wines you'll like, it all comes down to personality. What's yours?

Sonoma Coast's New A-Lister

At age one, California's Fort Ross-Seaview AVA is already making its mark with elegant Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Cocktail of the Month: Automobile

Refreshing and aromatic, the adaptation of this Edwardian era recipe calls for loaf sugar, aromatic bitters, and Crème Yvette.

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