Best Natural Wine Restaurants

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Curious about natural wine? You’re not alone. 

While terms like “organic” and “biodynamic” differ by regulation and definition, restaurants are making room for wines either made with a gentle environmental impact, or are as unadulterated as possible, and sommeliers are excited to spread the word.

“I hope this is not a trend, and this is a soft revolution,” says Pascaline Lepeltier, MS, beverage director at Rouge Tomate in New York City. “I grew up in a wine region with a lot of biodynamic, organic and natural producers, in Anjou [France]. It makes sense, if you want to have a wine that expresses a place, a vintage and a craft, these kinds of farming are the most appropriate to grow healthy vines.”

These sommeliers spill on why diners should sip—and support—sustainable wines. 

—Alexis Korman

Learn the Terms: 
"Organic" and "biodynamic" differ by regulation and definition. Get tips on the what these words really mean >>>

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Best Natural Wine Restaurants

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