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Commitment-phobes, we’re talking to you: While some restaurants have cellars so vast they can boast more than 100 wines by the glass—increasing the possibilities for exciting wine-and-food pairings—others use the latest in wine technology: the Coravin system. So how does it work?

Despite a few growing pains—Coravin issued a safety notice as this issue was going to press and is creating a remedy package after several bottles reportedly broke, possibly due to bottle integrity issues—the innovation pierces a bottle’s cork with a long, thin needle while simultaneously injecting it with inert argon gas, extracting wine while preserving the remaining juice. Allowing wine lovers to tap into top bottles again and again, the Coravin extends a bottle’s life for months. And sommeliers are taking full advantage, not letting a precious drop of juice go to waste.

—Joseph Hernandez

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Best By-The-Glass Lists

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