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NYC's 2nd Annual Red and White Bash

Red and White Bash

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Cabernet Sauvignon

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2013 Best Restaurants

Restaurants that serve up a true passion for presenting mind-blowing wine-and-food pairings.

The Wine Star Awards

Wine Enthusiast Magazine honors the wine and spirit industry’s influential leaders of 2013.

2012 Best Reasturants

Wine Beginners

Kick-start your ongoing exploration of wine. Through these simple and smart guidelines, you’ll discover your own palate.

Cocktail Recipes

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2013 Vintage Chart

Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s vintage chart is a year-by-year guide to the overall quality and drinkability of the wines from the world’s major winegrowing regions.

2011 Best Restaurants

Cooking with Wine

Adding wine to your favorite recipe can impart wonderful flavor, but too much or the wrong style can put the kibbosh on a potentially delicious dinner.

Wine and Cheese

Wine and cheese are two of life’s great culinary pleasures, and finding the perfect match can be a delicious endeavor.

Wine Pairings

Each season offers some opportunity, great or small, for the worlds of food and wine to have a graceful pas de deux.

German Wine Facts & Terms

German wine labels can be intimidating: long, foreign words and ornate script are enough to make many consumers head straight for a different section of the wine shop.

Italian Wine Facts & Terms

Italian tradition is so closely grafted to the vine that the good cheer and easy attitudes associated with wine culture are mirrored in the nation’s temperament.

French Wine Facts & Terms

The style of French wine echoes that of the French themselves—elegant, well-dressed, showing an appreciation for the good things of life but never to excess.

Varietal versus Appellation Labeling

Throughout Europe, wines are classified by vineyard, village and/or region where they are made. This appellation system is based on precisely defined wine regions, some as small as a single vineyard.

White Wine Information & Basics

Learn the varietal characteristics of white wine grapes.

Red Wine Information & Basics

Learn the varietal characteristics of red wine grapes.

Glassware and Serving Basics

Insisting on a good glass is not snobbery; it’s common sense.

How To Taste Wine

Learn to evaluate wine by sight, smell and taste.

Wine For Beginners

Learning to taste wine is no different than learning to really appreciate music or art—the pleasure you receive is proportionate to the effort you make.

Would You Drink a Beet Cocktail

This love-it-or-hate-it veg has become the ingredient du jour among mixologists.

Take Two Shots of Pinecone and Call Me in the Morning

Discovering the potent powers, healing and otherwise, of Austria's zirbenschnaps.

Q&A with Giovanni Bulgari

Diamonds in the rough Giovanni Bulgari, the successor to the famed jewelry dynasty, is getting down and dirty in Tuscany’s terra firma.

Have Glass, Will Travel

There is no better way to understand a wine than to go to the place in which it’s made.

Carnival Cruising

Cure your cabin fever this season with a raucous pre-lenten party.

Auberge Resort, Esperanza

Wine and dine (and beach) your winter blues away.

Seattle: Washington’s Newest Wine Capital

The Emerald City’s vino culture is having a major moment.

Mixologist of the Month: Abigail Deirdre Gullo

The head bar chef at W New Orleans's SoBou regales guests with hilarious tales and learned drink histories while she creates cocktails.

Diversity Is California’s Calling Card

My annual evaluation of the state of California’s grapes reveals the leaders firmly entrenched, but with variety and quality continuing to increase. It’s that time of the year to examine California’s major grape varieties and see how they’re doing. The answer? California wine has never been better.

Charbonneau Way

Take a break from the watered-down hurricane punch and savor a truer taste of the Big Easy’s rich cocktail history.

Destination: Anchorage

This compact urban oasis has seen a recent boom. Here’s your cheat sheet to taking it all in.

Your Ultimate Super Bowl Beer Menu

To help you upgrade your pigskin party, we turned to some of our favorite pro brewers to see what they're sipping during the big game.

Fare Play: Chef Paul Liebrandt

The chefʾs gastronomic love letter to Paris.

Five Top U.S. Dessert Wine Producers

Here are a few delectable domestic pours we’re sweet on.

Magic Movie Moments

Top five films that feature the most memorable wine scenes.

Big Tipples In Little China

Pioneering bartenders are plucking rare herbs and spices from America’s Chinatowns to create a new wave of bold cocktails. Here’s everything you need to know about these Eastern delights.

How To: Properly Pour Absinthe

Why You Need To Try Absinthe (Again)

Thanks to an army of innovative mixologists, the potent Swiss-born elixir is suddenly deliciously drinkable and undergoing a second revival.

Uncorkings: Edmond de Rothschild and Vega Sicilia Partner to Produce a Rioja

Plus more news and notes from the world of wine and spirits.

2013 Vintage Chart

The year-by-year guide to the overall quality and drinkability of the wines from the world's major winegrowing regions.

Drink This Now: Winter Whites

Here are your new cold-weather crushes.

Argentina's All-Price Bonanza

Argentina’s biggest upside is its ability to deliver quality across all price points. With that in mind, here are a dozen highly rated value, midtier and luxury wines.

Aglianico on the Rise

Southern Italy’s greatest grape is being reborn in the hands of a new generation of vintners.

February's Top 10 Under $10

These wines represent some of the best inexpensive offerings we've tasted this month.

Not-So-Heavy Metal

Add some levity to your collection with these grin-inducing bottle caddies.

Naturally Sweet

A quick guide to the delectable vins doux naturels of southern France.

Editor's Picks for December

Pacific Northwest Editor Paul Gregutt's top Washington Rhône-style wines.

Is Petit Verdot the Next Malbec?

This robust varietal is finding its place in the sun.

Mixologist of the Month: TJ Vytlacil

This cocktail club owner is bringing Cherry Heering liqueur back into style.

Drink This Now: Spanish Sidra

A popular medieval libation makes a comeback.

Hoppy Holidays!

Get into the spirit with these tasty seasonal suds.

Passport to Great Pours

Prepare to sip, savor and save with these five regional wine rewards programs.

Learning to Speak Vodka

A late-night bar visit turns into a lesson in the subculture—and secret language—of drinking in Russia.

A Wine Lover’s Guide to Richmond’s Renaissance

This Southern city is a gourmand's paradise.

Destination: Washington, D.C.

The Beltway is teeming with award-winning restaurants, game-changing mixologists and haute hotels. Here’s where to eat, drink and doze in The District.

The Enthusiast 100 of 2012

Our favorite wines of the year.

The Top 50 Spirits of 2012

A world in which the only thing certain is innovation.

Blood & Sand

This classic Scotch-based cocktail calls for orange juice, sweet vermouth and Cherry Heering liqueur, a combination that still inspires mixologists across the country.

The Top 25 Beers of 2012

Cheers to the best beers reviewed this year.

A Wine Lover's Guide to Herbs

From rustic to bright, fresh herbs add pops of flavor and perfume to home cooking—and present exciting wine-pairing opportunities.

Timbaland Toasts His New Liqueur

The rapper and record producer launches a new vodka-and-white-wine spritzer.

Sommelier Tip: Embracing the (Occasional) Wine-Free Pairing

How to match food with other libations.

The King of Pop-Ups

Burgundy-born chef Ludo Lefebvre dishes on the latest culinary trend.

Maryland Crab Dip Pairs With Vouvray Sec

This Chesapeake Bay staple is creamy, sweet and savory.

Bartender, There's a Duck in My Drink

Grab your Lipitor. The fat-washed cocktail trend is taking hold and coming to your local bar.

How To: Make a Spice Packet for Mulled Wine

Capture the aromas of the holiday season.

The Treasures of Central & Eastern Europe

With their long histories of making wine, countries like Croatia, Georgia and Hungary are poised to be the next big thing.

Bordeaux's New Kids on the Plateau

Having achieved great success in their home appellations, the owners of Haut-Brion, Pingus, Le Pin and Kendall-Jackson look to duplicate their achievements in Saint-Émilion.

2012 Brand Ambassador/Mixologist of the Year: Angus Winchester

This peripatetic Englishman typifies the modern-day barman traits of energy, enthusiasm and hospitality.

2012 Sommelier of the Year: Michael Madrigale

By mixing emotion, wine education and social media, Madrigale has built his reputation into that of an all-star sommelier.

2012 Winemaker of the Year: Jorge Riccitelli

Born and raised in Mendoza, Argentina, home to the world’s most popular Malbecs, Bodega Norton’s head winemaker for the past two decades seeks to make wines as fine as crystal.

2012 European Winery of the Year: Arnaldo Caprai

The Caprai family has almost single-handedly revived Italy’s Montefalco and its indigenous Sagrantino grape variety.

2012 Retailer of the Year: Binny's Beverage Depot

Binny’s has retained its customer-first philosophy, even while growing to be one of the nation’s largest wine-and-spirits retailers.

2012 Wine Region of the Year: Ribera del Duero

Just 30 years after its formal recognition as a quality wine-producing region, this part of northern Spain has justifiably claimed a share of the limelight.

2012 Lifetime Achievement: Miguel A. Torres

Over a 50-year career, the president of the Torres Group has been a global wine ambassador, opening more than 100 new markets worldwide.

2012 New World Winery of the Year: Golan Heights Winery

Located at the crossroads of ancient civilizations, innovation is the buzzword at this modern, export-focused winery.

2012 Importer of the Year: Kobrand

This historic business has handled wine and spirits with equal aplomb for nearly 70 years.

2012 Innovator of the Year: David Biggar

In an era when personal communication seems to be waning, innovation can sometimes mean just talking to people.

2012 Wine Person of the Year: Joseph E. Gallo

Under his stewardship, E. & J. Gallo has continued to grow, recently adding spirits and Washington State wines to its impressive roster of products.

2012 American Wine Legend: Hubert Opici

With a career spanning more than 75 years, industry luminary Hubert Opici continues to inspire.

2012 Distiller of the Year: Michter's Distillery

With its emphasis on quality, Michter’s has given the American whiskey scene a much-needed shot in the arm.

2012 American Winery of the Year: Raymond Vineyards

This Napa Valley icon has been completely remade by swashbuckling Frenchman, Jean-Charles Boisset.

Hillrock Estate Distillery

An innovative Hudson Valley producer crafts the first-ever solera Bourbon.

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