Name Category Spirit Flavor
CHARBAY Napa Valley Iced Tea Vodka
The Madame Butterfly Flavored Liqueur
Lola Montes Scotch
The McGill Law Review
Late Summer Pic-Nic
Grasshopper Flavored Liqueur
The Harvey Wallbanger Vodka
Dewar's Highlander Honey on the Rocks Whisky
Heartbreaker Flavored Liqueur
The Dominick Bourbon
Ginger Silver Coin Tequila
Zen Shake Vodka
Rye Old-Fashioned Rye
Paloma Rosa Tequila
Faux Syrah, Syrah Vodka
Swamp Gas Rum
The Nicky Finn Cognac
Ginger Minx Vodka
Lillie Coit Gin