Name Category Spirit Flavor
Lillie Coit Gin
La Rive Gauche Gin
Jalisco Tequila
Skyscraper Bourbon
The St-Germain Cocktail Flavored Liqueur
Cuba Libre
Basil 8 Vodka
Cook Straight Sling Vodka
Cos-mo-Not Gin
French Rose Rum
Apple/Plum Cider Rum
The World Peace Cocktail Gin
Arak the Casbah Flavored Liqueur
CHARBAY Meyer Lemon Drop Vodka
The Tomato Cocktail Shochu
Hot Date with a Matador

DB-llini Cognac
The Gin-Gin Mule Gin
Boulevadier Bourbon
The Pink Grapefruit Cocktail Rum