Name Category Spirit Flavor
Celery Cup #1 Vodka
Pomhattan Bourbon
La Grand Feu Cognac
Massa Mojito Flavored Liqueur
CHARBAY Summer Breeze Vodka
The Madame Butterfly Flavored Liqueur
CHARBAY Napa Valley Iced Tea Vodka
The Dominick Bourbon
Lola Montes Scotch
Uncle Jerry's Login Cabin Rye
Pernod French Kiss Absinthe
The St.-Germain Flavored Liqueur
The McGill Law Review
CHARBAY Meyer Lemon Bloody Mary Vodka
The Cooper Union Whiskey (Irish)
Pom-Pom Vodka
Late Summer Pic-Nic
The Harvey Wallbanger Vodka
Grasshopper Flavored Liqueur