Name Category Spirit Flavor
Dewar's Highlander Honey on the Rocks Whisky
Uva Maria Tequila
Rye Old-Fashioned Rye
Heartbreaker Flavored Liqueur
Serrano Spice Gin
Cook Straight Sling Vodka
The Scofflaw Cocktail Rye
CHARBAY Summer Breeze Vodka
The New Order Bourbon
Boulevadier Bourbon
French Rose Rum
Apple/Plum Cider Rum
Paloma Rosa Tequila
Cos-mo-Not Gin
Faux Syrah, Syrah Vodka
Rollercoaster Gin
Ginger Minx Vodka
Hot Date with a Matador

The December 5th Cocktail Flavored Liqueur
G-Vinity Gin