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Sarsaparilla Soda Float


Courtesy of Nios Restaurant and Wine Bar, New York, NY.

Reinterpreted Classics
2 ounces Tuthilltown Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey 6 ounces Hansen’s Sarsaparilla Soda 3 ounces chocolate ice cream 2 ounces Guinness Stout, floated on top Bing cherry, soaked in Bourbon, for garnish
Pour the Bourbon into a frosty beer mug followed by the chilled Sarsaparilla soda, adding the soda slowly until it reaches about 2 inches below the rim. Using an ice cream scoop, place two rounds of vanilla ice cream on the rim of the glass, allowing the soda to foam beneath. Insert a drinking straw and a long-handled spoon between the ice cream scoops, and then top-off with the Guinness Stout. Garnish with the Bourbon-soaked Bing cherry. Mixologist’s Tip: The ice cream must be positioned on the glass just right: If it's resting too deep in the glass, the foam will overflow; if it's situated too high on the rim, there won't be enough foam produced to call it a true soda.