Name Category Spirit Flavor
Mount Gay Rum Punch Recipe Rum
Shellback's Passion Tropical Rum
Plantation Punch Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen Rum
Mara Amu Tropical Rum
Big, Bold Mojito Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punch/Frozen Rum
Daniel's Mojito Reinterpreted Classics Rum
Lilikoi Rum Punch Tropical Rum
Demerara Cocktail Tropical Rum
Traditional Mojito Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen Rum
The Spiced Vanilla Mojito Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen Rum
The Derby Daiquiri Tropical Rum
The Pink Grapefruit Cocktail Rum
Partridge in a Pear Tree Dessert Rum
Christmas Egg Nog Seasonal Rum
The Dark and Stormy Rum
The Patriotic Margarita Seasonal Rum
The Monsanto Tropical Rum
The Caiprium Tropical Rum
Death in the South Pacific Tropical Rum
Derby Daiquiri Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen Rum