Name Category Spirit Flavor
McCain Martini Zeitgeist/Pop-Cultural Gin
Barack on the Rocks Zeitgeist/Pop-Cultural Vodka
The Sun Salutation Flavored Liqueur
The Nicky Finn Cognac
La Rive Gauche Gin
Ginger Silver Coin Tequila
High Tea cocktail Vodka
The Madame Butterfly Flavored Liqueur
Sassy Southern Belle
Bees Knees Martini Gin
Pernod French Kiss Absinthe
The World Peace Cocktail Gin
Lillie Coit Gin
The Manhattan Rye
Jalisco Tequila
The Locomotive Cocktail Scotch
Aviation Gin
The St.-Germain Flavored Liqueur
Pravda Mintini Vodka
The Annapoliton Vodka