Name Category Spirit Flavor
Blooming Fizz Champagne Cocktails
Spiced Simple Syrup Seasonal
Late Summer Pic-Nic
Martini & Rossi® Velvet Edie Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen
Hot Date with a Matador

Cuba Libre
Late Summer Pic-Nic Wine Cocktails
Christmas Cake Martini Seasonal Whisky
Dewar's Highlander Honey on the Rocks Whisky
The Cooper Union Whiskey (Irish)
Merry Irishman Dessert Whiskey (Irish)
The Harvey Wallbanger Vodka
The 2010 Torch Cocktail Zeitgeist/Pop-Cultural Vodka
Classic Collins Classics Vodka
The Cosmopolitan Classics Vodka
Crantopia Martini Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen Vodka
Crimson Cosmopolitan Classics Vodka
Indio Ginger Collins Reinterpreted Classics Vodka
The Absolut Soho Martini Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen Vodka
Zen Shake Vodka