Name Category Spirit Flavor
Planter's Punch, Martinique-style Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen Rum
The Blacktop Tropical Rum
Mount Gay Rum Punch Recipe Rum
Partridge in a Pear Tree Dessert Rum
Shellback's Passion Tropical Rum
Reggae Tropical Rum
Planter’s Punch (W Retreat and Spa, Vieques, Puerto Rico) Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen Rum
Daniel's Mojito Reinterpreted Classics Rum
Mojito Italiano Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen Rum
MoMo Tropical Rum
The Campo Mojito Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen Rum
Rasta Punch Tropical Rum
Plantation Punch Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen Rum
Mara Amu Tropical Rum
Big, Bold Mojito Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punch/Frozen Rum
Derby Daiquiri Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen Rum
Death in the South Pacific Tropical Rum
French Rose Rum
Eve's Plumb Rocked Adam's Apple Rum
The Pennie Colada Tropical Rum