Name Category Spirit Flavor
Sierpe Sunset Tropical Pisco
Death in the South Pacific Tropical Rum
Coral Reef (Silversea Cruises) Tropical Gin
Sunsplash Tropical Vodka
Planter's Punch Tropical Rum
Shellback's Passion Tropical Rum
Aloha from Cognac Tropical Cognac
Mango Chic Tropical Pisco
Mara Amu Tropical Rum
Reggae Tropical Rum
The Pennie Colada Tropical Rum
Sierpe Pisco Cooler Tropical Pisco
MoMo Tropical Rum
Caipirinha Tropical Cachaça
Kurling Cocktail Tropical Pisco
Damson in Distress Tropical Gin
Mai Tai Royal Tiki Rum
Coco-Grenade Tiki Rum
Pisco Sour Sours Pisco
Lavender Lemon Drop Sours Vodka