Name Category Spirit Flavor
Frozen Rumarita Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen Rum
The Dark and Stormy Rum
Shellback's Passion Tropical Rum
Mara Amu Tropical Rum
Lilikoi Rum Punch Tropical Rum
Kurling Cocktail Tropical Pisco
Mango Chic Tropical Pisco
Pisco Sour Sours Pisco
Sierpe Pisco Cooler Tropical Pisco
Sierpe Sunset Tropical Pisco
Wonder Collins Tropical Pisco
Pisco Sour Classics Pisco
Pisco Passion Tropical Pisco
The Donaji Tropical Mezcal
Mezcal-Rita Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen Mezcal
Le Pomelo Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen Gin
Rollercoaster Gin
McCain Martini Zeitgeist/Pop-Cultural Gin
Basic Marmalade Sour Sours Gin
Hop Toad Rickey Reinterpreted Classics Gin