Name Category Spirit Flavor
Root of All Evil Seasonal Absinthe
Pernod French Kiss Absinthe
The Armagnac Newton Winter Armagnac
Bloom Bourbon
The Classic Rickey
 Classics Bourbon
Whiskey Sour Classics Bourbon
Texas Landslide Seasonal Bourbon
Pomhattan Bourbon
The Kentucky Maid Bourbon
The Warrant Bourbon
Drunk on Christmas Seasonal Bourbon
Red Tea Manhattan Bourbon
Half-Cocked Cocktail Martinis/Mojitos/Margaritas/Punches/Frozen Bourbon
Fall Buffalo Seasonal Bourbon
Beet It! Bourbon
The Dominick Bourbon
The Seelbach Cocktail Champagne Cocktails Bourbon
Pomegranate Julep Reinterpreted Classics Bourbon
The Bon Bon Dessert Bourbon
Citrus Manhattan Bourbon