Name Category Spirit Flavor
Zin Cup Wine Cocktails
Wonder Collins Tropical Pisco
Bramble en Rose Tropical Gin
Shellback's Passion Tropical Rum
Summer Sunset Tropical Vodka
The Pennie Colada Tropical Rum
Mara Amu Tropical Rum
Mint Lemonade (The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island) Tropical Flavored Liqueur
Pisco Passion Tropical Pisco
Death in the South Pacific Tropical Rum
Lilikoi Rum Punch Tropical Rum
MoMo Tropical Rum
Reggae Tropical Rum
The Blacktop Tropical Rum
Damson in Distress Tropical Gin
Damson Gin Fiz Tropical Gin
The Marpessa Tropical Cachaça
Mango Chic Tropical Pisco
Sierpe Pisco Cooler Tropical Pisco
Sierpe Sunset Tropical Pisco