Name Category Spirit Flavor
Ramos House Bloody Mary with Pickled Green Beans Non-Alcoholic
Spiced Simple Syrup Seasonal
Amada's Spiced Cranberry Sangria Sangria
La Rousse Aperitif
The Negroni Wine Cocktails
Fountain Fruit
Cherry Chiller Champagne Cocktails
Ginger Beer Non-Alcoholic
The Flapper Champagne Cocktail Champagne Cocktails
Late Summer Pic-Nic Wine Cocktails
The Saison Dubonnet Beer Cocktails
Brazilian Sangria Sangria
Sassy Southern Belle
The McGill Law Review
Homemade Ginger Beer Non-Alcoholic
Preggie Provençe (Rocks or Wine Glass) Non-Alcoholic
The Five Stars
Zin Cup Wine Cocktails