Name Category Spirit Flavor
The Fiancé Cocktail Gin
The Cooper Union Whiskey (Irish)
The Painkiller Rum
Lillie Coit Gin
La Rive Gauche Gin
Rye Old-Fashioned Rye
The Tomato Cocktail Shochu
Organic Tomato Vodka Martini Vodka
G-Vinity Gin
The Madame Butterfly Flavored Liqueur
Ginger Silver Coin Tequila
The Sun Salutation Flavored Liqueur
The Nicky Finn Cognac
Celery Cup #1 Vodka
Snagglepuss Vodka
CHARBAY Meyer Lemon Drop Vodka
September Sunrise Tequila
The Scofflaw Cocktail Rye
The Dominick Bourbon
Paloma Rosa Tequila