December-01 2012

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Orange Liqueur Smackdown

Sizing up two top-notch selections from Cognac.

Overcoming a Wine Rut

John Mitchell, sommelier and wine director at Stella! in New Orleans, lends advice to those bored with standard sips.

Holiday Party Tips

Whether you're a guest or a host, here are some ways to make the holiday festivities a little bit smoother.

Shadowing a Three-Star Sommelier

A stint at New York City’s iconic restaurant Daniel yields three sommelier truths.

The Homestead

Fend off the cold with this spicy apéritif.

Mixologist of the Month: Michael Lay

This Monterey Bay-based cocktail innovator finds inspiration in his surroundings.

Los Angeles Wine Bars

Where to find the finest by-the-glass offerings in the City of Angels.

The Tasting Rooms of Wagram, Austria

This cool-climate wine region along the Danube River is packed with stops for the oenophile.

Top 100 Cellar Selections of 2012

The best collectibles reviewed this year.

Chef Gerard Ford Craft on Modern Midwestern Cuisine

The executive chef and owner of Craft Restaurants in St. Louis elevates humble ingredients with prowess.

Baked Mac 'n' Cheese Complements Vouvray

A chef's sophisticated take on the classic comfort food incorporates Swiss chard and chanterelle mushrooms.

5 Misconceptions of Vintage Port

Think this fortified wine is only meant for old men sitting around tables in dusty London clubs? Think again.

December's Top 10 Under $10

These wines represent some of the best inexpensive offerings we've tasted this month.

Q&A with Carolyn Murphy, Model and Actress

The supermodel and wine lover reflects on her perfect wine-and-food pairing, and tippling Krug with Donatella Versace.

The Joy of Cellaring Wine

Often reserved for special occasions like the holidays, aged wines offer a unique window into the past.

When Yeasts Run Wild

Fashion aside, do indigenous yeast fermentations improve wine quality?

Home for the Holidays

Philadelphia-based Marc Vetri celebrates his Italian-style holidays with hearty winter foods that are so simple to prepare, you’ll spend time with your guests, not in your kitchen.

Gift-Giving 101

Our editors sound off on the perfect presents for the holidays.

Holiday Dinner Parties for the Wine Lover

Celebrations that marry great wine, food and a sense of fun.

Holiday Bookshelf

Great gifts for the literary wine lover.

Sparkling Wines for Any Budget

No matter your means, year-end holidays call for celebratory bubbles. Here are our editors’ current favorites.

Plum-tastic Potable

Three new cocktails incorporate gin that's been macerated with the sweet, tangy fruit.

Revolutionary Cocktail Lounges

At these new bars, you can drink like the founding fathers.

How to: Make a Liqueur Foam

Add texture and flair to your cocktails.

Sweet Spot: Fruitcake Fête

Much of the world celebrates the year-end holidays with fruitcake. Try this lighter, more flavorful and Sherry-friendly version.

Superluxe Food and Drinks

Wine's not the only commodity worthy of a splurge.

Top 10 Napa/Sonoma Breakfast Spots

Where to fuel up before a day of California wine tasting or to recover from too much the day before.

Cognac: Straight or Mixed?

Whether served neat or in innovative cocktails, this classic spirit is worth discovering, or revisting.
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