February 2010

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NYC's 2nd Annual Red and White Bash

Red and White Bash

Don’t miss the event of the year! Buy tickets to our New York and Chicago parties now.

Wine Star Award Videos

Cabernet Sauvignon

Pinot Noir






2013 Best Restaurants

Restaurants that serve up a true passion for presenting mind-blowing wine-and-food pairings.

The Wine Star Awards

Wine Enthusiast Magazine honors the wine and spirit industry’s influential leaders of 2013.

2012 Best Reasturants

Wine Beginners

Kick-start your ongoing exploration of wine. Through these simple and smart guidelines, you’ll discover your own palate.

Cocktail Recipes

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2013 Vintage Chart

Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s vintage chart is a year-by-year guide to the overall quality and drinkability of the wines from the world’s major winegrowing regions.

2011 Best Restaurants

Cooking with Wine

Adding wine to your favorite recipe can impart wonderful flavor, but too much or the wrong style can put the kibbosh on a potentially delicious dinner.

Wine and Cheese

Wine and cheese are two of life’s great culinary pleasures, and finding the perfect match can be a delicious endeavor.

Wine Pairings

Each season offers some opportunity, great or small, for the worlds of food and wine to have a graceful pas de deux.

German Wine Facts & Terms

German wine labels can be intimidating: long, foreign words and ornate script are enough to make many consumers head straight for a different section of the wine shop.

Italian Wine Facts & Terms

Italian tradition is so closely grafted to the vine that the good cheer and easy attitudes associated with wine culture are mirrored in the nation’s temperament.

French Wine Facts & Terms

The style of French wine echoes that of the French themselves—elegant, well-dressed, showing an appreciation for the good things of life but never to excess.

Varietal versus Appellation Labeling

Throughout Europe, wines are classified by vineyard, village and/or region where they are made. This appellation system is based on precisely defined wine regions, some as small as a single vineyard.

White Wine Information & Basics

Learn the varietal characteristics of white wine grapes.

Red Wine Information & Basics

Learn the varietal characteristics of red wine grapes.

Glassware and Serving Basics

Insisting on a good glass is not snobbery; it’s common sense.

How To Taste Wine

Learn to evaluate wine by sight, smell and taste.

Wine For Beginners

Learning to taste wine is no different than learning to really appreciate music or art—the pleasure you receive is proportionate to the effort you make.

Party Like the Stars on Oscar Night

Tips from Wolfgang Puck and top Hollywood mixologists on bringing the red carpet to your home.

Malbec in the Spotlight

Diverse, rich and perfect for savoring slowly, Argentinean Malbec is America's current go-to red.

Lobster Truffle Ravioli: A Recipe for Romance

Show your sweetheart how much you care by making this elegant entrée from New York City’s One If By Land, Two If By Sea at home.

Cognac for Cocktails

The genteel spirit is not just for sipping anymore.

Beer Goes Green

Introducing the latest descriptor in the craft brew movement: organic.

Holy Wine

Monastery wineries around the world.

Seeing Red in a Good Way

Amber or red ales are great intermediary brews when making the transition between winter warmers and lighter, crisper quaffs.

Introduce Yourself to the Longshots

The three winning brews from the annual Samuel Adams American Homebrew contest will be available this April in a variety six-pack.

Best Buy Wines of the Month

Chile remains a leading source for well-made, internationally familiar varietal wines at value prices.

Naples Festival, "Recession Proof"

The auction’s tenth anniversary brings in more than $8 million for charity.

Foods of Love

Boost your conversational repertoire, if not your bedroom prowess, with aphrodisiacal food and drink.

A Valentine’s Day Rose

Breaking three hundred years of tradition, Croft Pink is meant to be served chilled in a wine glass, or mixed into a pre-dinner cocktail.

Drink Pink

Ten reasons to reach for rosé (and red) bubbles this Valentine’s Day.

Vintage Chart 2010

Our editors' guide to the quality and drinkability of the world's wine.

Recipes by Rosengarten: The Smoky Indoor Burger

Sometimes, on a winter's day, with the patio covered in snow . . . you just may want a July-flavored burger that tastes like it came from the grill.

Wine Star Awards: The 10th Anniversary

Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s tenth annual industry gala celebrates luminaries in the wine and spirits world.

Wine Consumers Resilient in Face of Recession

Wine Market Council research reveals overall growth in consumption for 2009.

Wine and Dine for Haiti

Wine bars and restaurants across the country help raise funds for Haiti's reconstruction.

Staying Warm Through Winter

Next time Old Man Winter has got you down, or just plain cold, try warming up with one of these seasonal brews

Major Restaurant Wine Trends of 2009

Difficult times call for creative solutions.

A Farewell to Jose Fernandez

The chief executive officer of Constellation Wines North America (CWNA), a 30-year wine industry veteran, dies of brain cancer.

America's Best Wine Lists of 2009

Wine Enthusiast Magazine's 2009 Restaurant Awards.

The Enthusiast's Corner: Great Adventures in Wine

A restaurant with an intriguing, energetic and surprising wine list is ideal for branching out and exploring new varieties, producers and regions.

Down Under, Not Down and Out

Family wineries, water initiatives and applied research are breathing new life into Australia’s beleaguered wine industry.

Destination: Los Angeles

A half dozen new-ish ventures highlight the City of Angels' edible earthly delights.

Beer Beauty

Soaking in suds is the new spa trend in brewery-rich Europe.

Port of Call

A new rapport for Porto Wine in the 21st Century.

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