July 2010

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NYC's 2nd Annual Red and White Bash

Red and White Bash

Don’t miss the event of the year! Buy tickets to our New York and Chicago parties now.

Wine Star Award Videos

Cabernet Sauvignon

Pinot Noir






2013 Best Restaurants

Restaurants that serve up a true passion for presenting mind-blowing wine-and-food pairings.

The Wine Star Awards

Wine Enthusiast Magazine honors the wine and spirit industry’s influential leaders of 2013.

2012 Best Reasturants

Wine Beginners

Kick-start your ongoing exploration of wine. Through these simple and smart guidelines, you’ll discover your own palate.

Cocktail Recipes

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2013 Vintage Chart

Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s vintage chart is a year-by-year guide to the overall quality and drinkability of the wines from the world’s major winegrowing regions.

2011 Best Restaurants

Cooking with Wine

Adding wine to your favorite recipe can impart wonderful flavor, but too much or the wrong style can put the kibbosh on a potentially delicious dinner.

Wine and Cheese

Wine and cheese are two of life’s great culinary pleasures, and finding the perfect match can be a delicious endeavor.

Wine Pairings

Each season offers some opportunity, great or small, for the worlds of food and wine to have a graceful pas de deux.

German Wine Facts & Terms

German wine labels can be intimidating: long, foreign words and ornate script are enough to make many consumers head straight for a different section of the wine shop.

Italian Wine Facts & Terms

Italian tradition is so closely grafted to the vine that the good cheer and easy attitudes associated with wine culture are mirrored in the nation’s temperament.

French Wine Facts & Terms

The style of French wine echoes that of the French themselves—elegant, well-dressed, showing an appreciation for the good things of life but never to excess.

Varietal versus Appellation Labeling

Throughout Europe, wines are classified by vineyard, village and/or region where they are made. This appellation system is based on precisely defined wine regions, some as small as a single vineyard.

White Wine Information & Basics

Learn the varietal characteristics of white wine grapes.

Red Wine Information & Basics

Learn the varietal characteristics of red wine grapes.

Glassware and Serving Basics

Insisting on a good glass is not snobbery; it’s common sense.

How To Taste Wine

Learn to evaluate wine by sight, smell and taste.

Wine For Beginners

Learning to taste wine is no different than learning to really appreciate music or art—the pleasure you receive is proportionate to the effort you make.

Hawaiian Poke

Delicious raw fish salad straight from the islands.

Q & A with Stephan Derenoncourt

The tireless wine expert reflects on consulting for 70 wineries, why you should pay attention to Virginia and making the perfect bottle of Bordeaux.

The Enthusiast Corner: A Journey, Not A Destination

The wine industry’s innovators of today are always eager to try something new.

Talking Tequila

What to know before buying plus tasting notes from Wine Enthusiast contributors, Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen.

Beat the Heat

Summer is a great time for exploring beer gardens around the world.

Summer Ceviche

With fresh-from-the-sea aromas and lip-smacking textures and flavors, this Latin American dish cools down even the hottest summer day.

Devilish Eggsellence

From Ancient Rome to contemporary Super Bowl cookouts, we’ve quite possibly indulged in these sinful samplers since the beginning of time.

Destination: Miami

Not just a haven for party people anymore, wine bars abound in this pulsing Florida hotspot.

Video Story: The Sicilian Kitchen of My Childhood.

Wine Enthusiast Contributor Mike DeSimone on an Italian roots journey with Chiara Planeta, where wine and food take center stage.

Put Up Your Zukes

Recipes for the lesser-known American holiday, Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day.

A Wine Tour for Cheese Lovers

Visit these Sonoma wineries for some of the county’s most well-crafted and most mouthwatering wine and cheese pairings.

Recipe: Four-Citrus Sea Scallops with Cucumber

A light, bright and pleasantly sweet summer ceviche dish.

Uncorkings 8/2/2010

News and notes from the world of wine.

Around Tales of the Cocktail, in 5 Drinks

Highlights from one of New Orleans's most spirited celebrations.

Artisan Cheeses of Sonoma

Why not round out your wine touring with a visit to a quality-minded creamery?

Craft Beer Goes Boom

A brief guide to the best American beer styles to date.

Hotspot of the Month: Il Matto, New York City

The most inspired craziness at this sleek newcomer restaurant comes with the cocktail program.

Argentina Surpasses Chile In U.S. Exports           

Head of Chilean Winery Association calls it a “fad” led by Malbec’s surging popularity.

A Tribute to Graham Beck

The entrepreneur, coal magnate and esteemed South African wine farmer will be remembered for his eponymous label and the legacy he left in the environmental and art worlds.

Recipe: Classic Shrimp Cocktail

This refreshing summer bite combines the clean flavor of poached shrimp with horseradish heat and the zing of tomato syrup.

A Rimmer Primer: How to Rim a Cocktail Glass

Rimming glasses with salt, sugar, or spices provides an easy but impressive way to jazz up a cocktail.

Recipe: Maryland Crab Cakes

The Chesapeake Bay classic crab cake takes on an earthy component in this veggie-rich interpretation.

Oh Rickey, You’re So Fine

Washington, DC lays claims to the perfect summer cocktail.

Uncorkings 7/26/2010

News and notes from the world of wine.

Profile: Gordon Getty

The billionaire winery owner, composer, political kingmaker and longtime Californian riffs on Shakespeare, going green in the vineyard and the easygoing wines he drinks at home.

Video Recipe: Farmers Market Melon Salad

A plate of summer from The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island.

Eat and Drink Like a Star . . . for Less

If you thought celebrity chefs only cooked for the rich and famous, you’re in for a treat at NYC’s Becco.

Diageo Sells Barton & Guestier

The move follows a recent statement that the international conglomerate is conducting a full review of its wine operations.

Recipe: Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms with Shellfish Salsa

A summer dish straight from the Riviera.

Destination: Chicago

This historic, good-time Illinois metropolis is rich in fine wine and food culture.

Raves for our Reviewers

Our tasting panelists are primarily located in wine country and are intimately familiar with the regions and the wines.

Uncorkings 7/19/2010

News and notes from the world of wine.

Rack and Roll

Ten collaborations between wine and music.

Top Beers of July 2010

Taming the dog days of summer.

"Mad Men" Cocktail Party Guide

Throw the perfect 60s-inspired cocktail party.

British Invasion

Tea cocktails are the new toast of the spirits world.

Bastille Day Cocktails

Fête the French holiday in style with these sophisticated summer sippers.

Tableside Cocktail Service

Back on the menu nationwide.

Texas Terroir

Wine in the Lone Star state? You bet.

A Fresh Kiwi Martini

From Two Rooms Grill & Bar in Tokyo.

Mixologist of the Month: Edward Baffoe

One member of the Crosby, Stills and Nash of Tokyo nightlife.

Uncorkings 7/12/2010

News and notes from the world of wine.

Peach Perfect Recipes

Three fruit-forward dishes from Fredericksburg, the peach capital of Texas.

A Cheat Sheet to Champagne

The 101 on production methods and house styles.

Bitten By The Nano Bug

Is nanobrewing the next big trend in beer?

Five New Liqueurs To Watch

A shortlist of promising new products.

Winery Weddings

A new site for those dreaming of tying the knot among the vines.

A Journal from Saké Boot Camp

WE's Tasting Coordinator Anna Lee Iijima travels to San Fransico for a three-day Saké Professional Course.

Uncorkings 7/05/2010

News and notes from the world of wine.

In Praise of Vintage Difference

Wine is perhaps the only product we consume regularly that has obvious vintage differences. It makes wine fascinating to study, to craft, to drink.

Slideshow Story: Taking On Tequila

Discover the dynamic culture and spirit of Mexico on Jalisco's storied trail.

Pisco of Mind

Get in a South American mood this summer.

Chilean Wine Industry In Mourning

Douglas Murray, a champion for Chilean wine, dies at 68.

A Sparkling Addition

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi releases its first sparkler.

Top 10 American Spirits

A shortlist of great All-American spirits to help you celebrate Independence Day.

A Global Tasting Guide to Chardonnay

How to select your favorite sip from among the myriad Chardonnay flavor profiles and price points worldwide.

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