July 2012

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Top 8 Wine Apps

With new wine apps launching every day––from individual wineries to massive retail databases––it’s easy to become overwhelmed. We’ve whittled it down to eight of the best.

Tea is the Key

A jolt of minted black tea, the Bedouin welcome since the mythical age of Scheherazade, reveals a side of the Middle East far more nuanced than the headlines.

Mixologist of the Month: Maksym Pazuniak

The head bartender at The Counting Room in Brooklyn, New York, tells Wine Enthusiast about his mixology philosophy.

Sleeping With Strangers

This concoction mixes equal parts Campari, rhum agricole from Martinique and the recently resurrected rum-based liqueur Kronan Swedish Punsch for a bittersweet refreshment.

Apéritif Cocktails

Choosing libations with a lower alcohol content and a lighter touch doesn't mean sacrificing flavor or fun.

Looking into a Crystal Ball

Every year, pundits proclaim on the future of wine. Now it's my turn.

Falling in Love Again with Chardonnay

This grape variety has seen highs and lows, but today, high quality and diverse styles make enjoying it easier than ever.

The ABCs of Pairing Aromatic Whites

These spicy, floral and distinctive white wines are made for summer. But their extroverted personalities require extra care at the table.

Editor's Picks for July

Managing Editor Joe Czerwinski gives you the Best Buys from the Côtes du Rhône.

Sommelier Secrets: Olivier Flosse

Olivier Flosse of A Voce shows diners how to find incredible Italian wine bargains.

Tapas Fiesta

Tips for an easy night of summer entertaining without traveling to Spain.

Farm-to-Table Cocktails

Farmers’ markets are the new stomping grounds for mixologists searching for fresh ingredients—and ­inspiration—for the latest cocktails.

Cocktail-Crazy Charleston

This South Carolina city is undergoing a cocktail revival where fresh and custom ingredients are front and center.

Summer Lobster Salad with Sauvignon Blanc

Perfect for a small first course, this dish channels the summer through its ravishing colors and striking flavors.

Three Ultimate Chenin Blanc-and-Food Pairings

Wine Enthusiast turned to three South African Chenin Blanc producers for their tips on creating a perfect Chenin Blanc-and-food pairing for you to make at home.

Sonoma's Bounty

Northern California's easygoing county is a haven for wine and food lovers with a taste for variety.

Q&A with Seamus Dever

The TV star talks about wine travel, starting a collection and geeking out on dedicated wine nights.

Chenin Blanc Struts Its Stuff

South Africa’s iconic white wine has evolved into a multifaceted star, molded by the hands of inspired winemakers.

All-American Chardonnay

America's best-selling wine is better and more diverse than ever before.

Destination: Marrakech

The mysterious North African city of medieval fortresses and souks entrances visitors with fine wines and foods.
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