June 2014

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The Wine + Music Issue

Welcome to our celebration of one of life’s best pairings.

Wine and Music Pairings

From indie rock to classical, Wine Enthusiast pairs music's biggest genres with the wine styles that result in perfect harmony.

Celebrity Wine Lovers

These musicians take what's in the glass seriously.

Five Music Festivals

Festival season is upon us. Check out these American wineries, which organize next-level concerts for music fans and oenophiles alike.

32 German Wines to Buy Now

German wines have increased in quality and the country's winemakers now produce more diverse wine styles.

Buying Tips for Whiskey Lovers

Those cheap-but-delicious whiskey brands from your grandfather’s era are fast becoming the most sought-after sips.

4 Summer Beers

Domestic brewers are experimenting with nontraditional American hop varieties for additional layers of aroma and flavor in new saisons.

10 New Flavored Vodkas to Try

Fewer confected cake- and candy-flavored vodkas are rolling out, while spicy and “spiced” flavors are enjoying a modest uptick.

Easy Rhubarb Cocktail

This rhubarb cocktail is remarkably simple to whip up.

7 Questions for the Rapper-Turned-Winemaker E-40

No longer content to just rap about wine, E-40 added winemaker to his resume last year when he launched Earl Stevens Selections.

6 Champagnes to Celebrate

Summertime brings plenty of reasons to celebrate, so pop the cork on one of these top selections.

Is Your Wine a Fake?

The Wine Enthusiast guide to safeguarding your cellar.

6 Big Reds

There's no reason you can't enjoy reds year round.

The Everything Guide to the Corkscrew

The bottle opener is more than a gadget, it’s the key to unlocking the seductive world of wine.

Scaling the Peaks

These Washington winemaker-mountaineers know a few things about taking risks—in and out of the winery.

Your Gourmet Guide to Geneva

Here’s where you must dine and drink when visiting this Swiss Shangri-La.

Wine Rocks

Note for note, music and wine are a truly harmonious pairing.

Aging Gracefully

These Italian white wines defy the drink-now stereotype.

Simple Lamb Sliders

Build a better burger with this simple lamb and pancetta slider.

Dining Trend: Crudité

Chefs are reimagining crudité—no ranch dressing required.

The Wine Lover's Guide to Chili

Think beer is the only thing to drink with chili? Pair these wine-friendly recipes with your favorite sips, or these homegrown Texan options.

5 Questions for the True Wine Connoisseurs

We chat with the Brooklyn duo on becoming an online wine sensation.

Top Backstage Pours

Concert riders are a great way to score choice wine for free. Read what the stars are drinking backstage.

Barrels + Beats

These five winemakers are hitting the high notes blending music and wine.

Best Festival After-Parties

Your guide for where to sip when the lights come up.

Vine Lines

In celebration of our music issue, we gathered up a few of our favorite wine lyrics.

Six Celebrity Winemakers + Collectors

These performers experiment not only with verse, but also with wine. Learn how they blend their passions for jingle and juice.

Musicians' Favorite Bars

When you see your favorite artists at these watering holes, just be cool, man.

The Hops Cocktail

Look out bloody mary, there’s a new brunch drink on the menu.

Farmer's Market Cocktails

Here are nine delicious, easy-to-make greenmarket cocktail recipes.
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