Six Celebrity Winemakers + Collectors

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Andrea Bocelli

Opera singer; co-owner, Bocelli Winery

Wine Enthusiast: Do you see a connection between music and winemaking?

Andrea Bocelli: Music is ultimately an expression of the human heart, and while it’s carefully composed, it’s not rational. Human beings have a visceral response to music, not a calculated one. Winemaking, I think, is also carefully composed, and it, too, creates a very powerful, uncalculated response. 

WE: When did you start getting interested in wine in a serious way?

AB: My grandfather, Alcide, began the winery over 100 years ago. When I began traveling the world for my music, I began to taste truly great wines from everywhere. I would return to our farm and talk with my father, Alessandro, about improving our wines, and he would say, “Our wines are the best!” And I would laugh and gently correct him. After he passed away, my brother Alberto and I remade the cellar, planted new vines and became serious about making the very best wines possible.

WE: Any specific things you’re excited about?

AB: I am excited to be able to honor our family winemaking tradition, and my father, in particular. In my career, I have been very blessed, and now I have the opportunity to share a bit of our farm with the rest of the world. It is a beautiful obligation for me.

WE: Do you have a desert island bottle?

AB: My favorite wine would be Terre di Sandro, the Sangiovese made from my father’s old vines. I also enjoy the white wines of Friuli, particularly Chardonnay. So, if the desert island was hot enough, this might have to be my choice.

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Six Celebrity Winemakers + Collectors

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