Six Celebrity Winemakers + Collectors

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James Murphy

Former LCD Soundsystem Vocalist; producer; DJ; Wine Collector

Wine Enthusiast: Do you see a connection between music and winemaking?

James Murphy: Yes, but not just wine—I’ve always been attracted to authors, filmmakers, chefs—anyone working on their passion play rather than skilled executors of a marketing plan. I was talking about this with a friend recently, that it’s not a coincidence that people in punk bands are also into small wine producers that take risks and aren’t commercially minded. Maybe sulfur is like Auto-Tune.

WE: When did you start getting interested in wine in a serious way? 

JM: My epiphany moment was with friends in Paris around 2006 at Pierre Jancou’s bar, Racines. We had Cornelissen’s MunJebel Bianco [a Sicilian, sulfur-free “orange” wine] and, like hearing certain bands for the first time, I realized there was so much more out there.

WE: Any specific wines you’re excited about right now?

JM: I’m more knowledgeable about French wine. I think it’s more manageable than Italian or some others. I’ve been getting into Pineau d’Aunis—I like Poulsard, Trousseau. Arnot-Roberts in Sonoma is doing a Trousseau, and I’m hoping more U.S. winemakers start working with more interesting grapes.

WE: Do you have a desert island bottle?

JM: Probably an older Arbois Poulsard, maybe ’96 or ’98—when it’s right, it’s magic. On a desert island, I’d get a Nebuchadnezzar, dig a hole in the sand to keep it at the right temperature, and drink it with a reed.

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Six Celebrity Winemakers + Collectors

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