November 2010

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Portugal's New Age of Discovery

If you think the Douro is all about port wines, think again—winemakers here are crafting complex and delicious table wines at all price points.

Recipe of the Month: Steak Chinoise with Fresh Ginger and Tamari Cream

According to proprietor Dave Simpson of the C & O Restaurant in Charlottesville, Virginia, this lively dish was inspired by the flavor of a delicate oyster soup served by the restaurant in the 1980s.

A Scoop of Scotch, Sir?

The trend started with boozy JELL-O shots, and migrated to liquor-infused cupcakes. Now, alcohol has become the flavor-du-jour for ice cream, too.

Q&A with Nigel Lythgoe

The international TV producer and winery owner takes a break from taping the hit show “So You Think You Can Dance” to talk about communing with nature, New World love and why Simon Cowell is overripe.

Chile’s Women Winemakers Take Charge

In an evolving country once known for machismo and heavy handed politics..

Music Soothes the Savage Yeast

South Africa’s DeMorgenzon Winery turns to tunes for vine health.

The Ultimate in Neat

In praise of the flask—straight from the hip yet close to the heart.

How The British Created "Curry"

...and at the same time total confusion about what Indian food really is.

Wild at Heart

Restaurants nationwide are embracing exotic meats on their menus.

Cocktail of the Month: St-Germain Cocktail

This simple-to-make sipper is St-Germain’s signature cocktail recipe.

Chile, Argentina and now Brazil

Some of the finest expression of methode Champenoise outside of France can be found in the wine regions of Southern Brazil. Surprised?

The Flavors of Autumn

Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, clove, cumin—though they’re associated with simplicity, home and hearth, these flavors can help create dishes of remarkable sophistication.
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