October 2012

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Scotch in Space?

A new study launches maturing Scotch into a zero-gravity landscape.

The Rise of Cesanese and Lazio Wine

An oft-neglected Italian grape is getting the attention it's long deserved.

Istria by the Vines

Seeking out Croatia’s tasting rooms.

October's Top 10 Under $10

These wines represent some of the best inexpensive offerings we've tasted this month.

It's Your Barrel

Custom-crush facilities permit amateur winemakers to choose, pick, sort and crush grapes plus blend their own wines—or simply to give the orders.

North American Craft Saké Makers

Outside of Japan, these saké makers are inspired by tradition, but forge a path of their own.

Bartenders Reach for New Cocktail Sweeteners

These sugar substitutes add loads of flavor, without the calories.

Destination: Vienna

Though the streets are lined with the vestiges of its imperial past, this Austrian city continues to reinvent itself as a haven for music, art and, of course, wine.

Farewell, and Thanks for the Memories

Sometimes a bottle is more than a bottle and a winemaker is more than a winemaker.

Estelle: Then & Now

The R&B star dishes on wine, food and growing up.

Deconstructing the Master Sommelier Exam

Thomas M. Price, MS, of Seattle’s The Metropolitan Grill lends some study tips for the notoriously difficult exam.

Pinning Down Pritchard Hill

This tiny, under-the-radar subregion is fast becoming the trendiest address in Napa Valley for red wines.

Tasting Royal Rajasthan

Sip and savor the best of India on this ultra-indulgent tour.

Location, Location, Location

In California and beyond, a sense of place is what excites today’s wine consumers.

Best Dallas Wine Bars

Where to sip wine in a Texas beer town.

Airport Eats

Dine like a celebrity chef while flying the friendly skies.

Q&A with Dominique Demarville, Cellar Master of Veuve Clicquot

The chef de caves opens up about the autumn release of Cave Privée, his winemaking philosophy and his favorite foods to eat with mature Champagne.

Discovering Umbria

Italy’s secluded heartland is a verdant region full of vinous opportunities.

Chef Akira Back's Healthful Tips

The executive chef at Yellowtail in Las Vegas’s Bellagio Hotel cooks with health and happiness in mind.

Tortellino Tradizionale di Castelfranco Emilia Pairs with Red Lambrusco

Learn about the legend behind the pasta and try this traditional Italian recipe.

Rockin' Rhônes

The 2009 and 2010 vintages in France’s Rhône Valley provide consumers with the greatest buying opportunity in modern history.

Adventurous Flavors from the Silk Road

Don’t let the lack of traditional wine pairings deter you from exploring the spicy dishes of Central Asia.

Celebrity Sips: Wines with Star Power

These accomplished athletes, actors and entertainers have different talents, but they all share a passion for enjoying—and making—wines that shine.

Mexico's Surprising Wine Revolution

Cross the border from San Diego and you’re in Baja California, Mexico, home to a historic wine region that’s reinventing itself via boutique wines, top-flight restaurants and attractive lodging options.

Chardonnay Symposium

New recipes to pair with America's favorite varietal.

Scotch Goes Luxe

Whisky has always been considered precious, but these Scotches set the bar higher than ever before.

Mixologist of the Month: Suzan Boyce

The Beverage Director of Boyce Restaurant Concepts in Huntsville, Alabama crafts the perfect food-and-cocktail pairings.

The Derby Martini

Suzan Boyce of Boyce Restaurant Concepts in Huntsville, Alabama puts a Southern twist on the standard drink of English posh sport.

How To: Make a Cinnamon Tincture

Try this simple recipe to add some spice to your cocktails this fall.

Plantation Original Dark Overproof Rum

This 73% alcohol overproof rum is unexpectedly smooth and soft.

High-Class Halloween

The tricks and treats for throwing a standout Halloween party at home.

Grape, Meet Grain: New Takes on the Wine Cocktail

Wine and spirits harmonize in these innovative hybrid drinks.
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