September 2013

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How to Make a Smoking Punchbowl

Mix up a boo-zy punch in the time it takes you to howl at the moon.

New School Kosher

Jewish wine and food have gone upscale in a major way. With apologies to bubbies everywhere, here’s how to master this mouth-watering gourmet trend.

Extra-Virgin Cocktails From Top Bars

Olive oil is having a major mixology moment at some of the world’s best bars. Here’s everything you need to know about this slick trend.

Craft Syrups to Sweeten Your Dishes

Your deliciously sticky cheat sheet to the artisan maple syrup movement

Drink this Now: Austria’s Red Delight District

Meet the oft-overlooked and delicious robust reds of Austria's Burgenland region.

Oregon's Other Pinots

Pinot Noir remains the state's unrivaled king, but Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc are noble relatives that fill a different, more quaffable, role.

California's Zinfandel Hot Spots

Our California editors share their favorite growing regions for the Golden State's iconic grape.

Australia's Wild West

Western Australia’s pioneering spirit is alive and well in its wine regions, which seem capable of turning almost any grape variety into gold.

Louis Roederer to Release 2002 Cristal Jeroboam

Plus other news and notes from the world of wine, beer and spirits.

Buy & Cellar

A few of September’s top picks—and when to drink them.

The Ten Most Unusual Spots to Sip Wine

Indulge your wine wanderlust with this list of astonishing settings in which to sip vino.

Our Crush This Month: Feria de Jerez

A postcard from Spain’s most colorful festival.

Destination: Boston

Here's the gourmand's guide to Beantown.

Buffalo Trace Distillery is Declared a National Historic Landmark

Plus other news and notes from the world of wine, spirits and beer.

America's Big Red is Back

Zinfandel, you’ve been missed. Now get back on our table.

The Rind Stuff

The cheese industry is stealing a page from the wine world with its new elite certification program. Are you ready for the rise of the, um, fromm?

Do Aussie Wines Age Well?

Debunking the myth that wines from Oz must be enjoyed young.

Make a Perfect La Paloma

A Margarita fan? Try Mexico's other Tequila cocktail.

Paradise Ground

Ed Kenney, head chef and owner of Town in Honolulu, talks about Hawaii’s subtle seasons (yes, there are more than one), and how sustainable farming in this lush island chain of plenty is only now catching fire.

Simple Harvest Soup

Eat up this late summer roasted eggplant and tomato soup.

Women of the Still

These fearless females create some of the world's favorite spirits.

High in the Sky

What to drink when the wheels are up.

Drinking Tequila with Clooney

Wine Enthusiast sits down with George Clooney and Rande Gerber to talk Tequila, wine and how to avoid a hangover.

Autumn’s Up

Drink in fall with this apple-laced cocktail from Nova Scotia’s best bartender.
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