The Four Pillars of Greek Wine

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Greece has been home to winemaking for more than 6,000 years—ample time to refine and transform this ancient elixir into a growing favorite of sommeliers and wine drinkers worldwide.

But, comprised of over 300 indigenous varieties as well as numerous international grapes, the pantheon of Greek wines can be overwhelming. A vast diversity of styles and flavors can be found from north to south, from mountain to sea.

Well-structured red wines, whites boasting aromatic delicacy and dessert wines with exotic spice and terroir-driven character—they’re all represented in Greece.

While there’s no question delicious varieties like Malagousia and Savatiano warrant exploration, wines from four major grapes exemplify the best qualities of Greek wine and are readily available in America. Versatile and distinctive, any of them will be an excellent choice for your table.

—Susan Kostrzewa
Photos Ben Fink

From Agiorgitiko to Zeus, learn the A-to-Zs of Greek wine here >>>

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The Four Pillars of Greek Wine

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