Top 100 Cellar Selections of 2010

Our editors select the most ageable wines of the year.


While American culture in general is preoccupied with the here and now, wine devotees are well accustomed to thinking long term. Laying down bottles in cellars or stand-alone storage units and monitoring their development over a period of years is a thing of beauty to true enthusiasts. It’s one of the deep, true pleasures of wine: as tannins, acidity and flavors flower or subside, the disparate elements coalesce into a complex whole and after patiently observing you finally decide on the moment of optimal consumption. What could possibly be better than that reward of your efforts?

On these pages are the 100 wines reviewed this year that our editors feel are most cellar-worthy and achieve high quality. It is a refined list, and many of the wines are expensive—no surprise there. But all are collectible and/or might require time in a properly temperature-and humiditycontrolled cellar to deliver maximum pleasure. In an ideal world, you could buy a half case or more of wines that intrigue, and open a bottle at intervals to watch and savor their evolution. Of course, many of these wines are limited in production, and just like wines on our other Top 100 lists, some may have sold out or increased in price since our initial reviews were published.

In most contexts, the phrase “you’re not getting older, you’re getting better” is wishful thinking. In these wines, it is the truth. Enjoy! For the Top 100 Cellar Selections, click here.

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