Big Red

Christina Hendricks, brand ambassador, Johnnie Walker.

It’s difficult not to objectify Christina Hendricks—after all, the redheaded beauty is almost as well known for her curvaceous figure as for her expert portrayal of Joan Holloway on AMC’s critically acclaimed series, Mad Men. When not turning heads on the red carpet, Hendricks sips Scotch as a brand ambassador for Johnnie Walker. We sat down with Hendricks to discuss Scotch, spirits and food pairings and Hendricks’ “guilty pleasures.”

Wine Enthusiast: How did you get involved with Johnnie Walker?
Christina Hendricks: I wrote an article that said I was intrigued by men who ordered Scotch...that I thought it was sexy. [Johnnie Walker] called and said, ‘Wouldn’t it be fun to talk about Scotch and learn about the process of making it?’ So I got involved with it, involved in educating people about Scotch. And I get to come to fun events.

WE: What do you drink at home on a typical night?
CH: I’ll have a wine that goes with dinner, but generally if I sit down to watch a movie or if we have guests over, we’ll have a little Johnnie Walker Green on the rocks. That’s my favorite. I definitely have learned more about Scotch, and my husband [Geoffrey Arend] is a big Scotch drinker.

WE: What is your ultimate spirits and food pairing?
CH: We did a whole dinner with food and cocktail pairings. I would say the [Johnnie Walker] Gold works so well on its own and with desserts. It’s light, with caramel, vanilla [notes]. It’s nice to sip a little bit chilled with sweets.

WE: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
CH: Oh God, cheese. Any kind of cheese. I have every kind, I don’t care. I love me some Humboldt Fog, any kind of triple cream. The creamier, the better. I love it.

WE: We hear you are a big music fan. What’s on your playlist right now?
CH: I was just discussing with Jon [Hamm] the other day how Arcade Fire is so great. Recently, I made an ’80s playlist, listening to a little Sheena Easton. Who doesn’t love Sheena Easton?

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