Luxe Life: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Opulence and artistic innovation elevate Las Vegas’ newest casino-resort hybrid, but the main draw might well be the food.


Opulence and artistic innovation elevate Las Vegas’ newest casino-resort hybrid—upon entry, visitors can’t miss eight pillars equipped with floor-to-ceiling screens showing animated displays commissioned specifically for the resort (one video is by Yoko Ono)—but the main draw might well be the food. Big name gastronomes like José Andrés (Jaleo, China Poblano), Scott Conant (Scarpetta, D.O.C.G.) and David Myers (Comme Ça) have set up shop here, along with a sushi-centric iteration of NYC’s famed Blue Ribbon enterprise and Estiatorio Milos, an eatery celebrating the oceanic fare and vine-ripened assets of chef Costas Spiliadis’ Greek homeland. Cocktail fans will find something to love here, too the dazzling, crystal-enrobed Chandelier Bar consists of three levels, each offering a different style of mixology (traditional, molecular and elegant) and selections from a list featuring over 150 unique cocktails developed by three on-site mixologists. Wine lovers should go directly to Eat! Drink!, a storefront within the hotel where select wines from the aforementioned restaurants can be procured for enjoyment on the home front. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but at least guests can bring home a most delicious memory-jogging taste of Sin City.

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