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Wines of Italy

About Piedmont

WE gives you an overview of one of Italy's leading wine-producing regions.

A Prosecco Primer

What you need to know about Italy's playful sparkler.

The Cuisine of Central Italy

The Exotic Bottom of the Boot

Characters, romance and history abound in this emerging territory for wine lovers.

Traveling in Piedmont

In the Langhe Region, home to Barbaresco and Barolo, visitors can unearth a bounty of wine and food discoveries.

About the Veneto

This powerhouse region doesn't have the brand recognition of Tuscany or Piedmont but it does offer its own spectacular grapes and wine.

The Cuisine of Sicily and Sardinia

The Cuisine of Northwestern Italy

About Northwestern Italy

WE gives you an overview of one of Italy's leading wine-producing regions.

Wining and Dining in the Dolomites

Stop off at this high-altitude haven rich with culinary finds.

About Central Italy

Lazio, Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo

Franciacorta's Golden Hour

Italy’s Metodo Classico sparkler’s day in the sun is here.


One of the world’s great dessert wines.

The Soul of the Super Tuscan

Ever evolving but always excellent, these famed bottlings have kept Italy on the wine map for decades.

The Cuisine of Southern Italy

The Cuisine of Piedmont

Piedmont Pairing Challenge

Six regional culinary notables sound off on their favorite foods to pair with Barbera and Dolcetto.

About Northeastern Italy

Trentino-Alto Adige, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Celebrating Italy: Letter from the Publisher

Southern Italy Hit List

5 must-see wine destination on the Italian peninsula.

Fast Cars in the Slow Lane

For all its charming back roads that beg to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, Italy loves fast cars. Emilia-Romagna enables travelers to enjoy both—and sample some fabulous food and wine along the way.

Venice Below the Surface

Wining, dining and navigating one of the world’s most alluring cities.

About Tuscany

Amarone: A Singular Sensation

Distinctly rich and an ideal cohort to robust dishes, the red wine is like no other in the world.

Rome: A Wine Lover's Guide

The cheat sheet to what's new in the old city.

Sicily Travel Unveiled

An insider's guide to the wineries, villages and historic ruins.

Sardinia: Proudly Independent


Seductive wines with ancient character.

Discovering Umbria: The Wines of Central Italy

Italy's secluded heartland is a verdant region packed with wine discoveries.

Touring the Amalfi Coast

A mile-by-mile guide to Italy’s paradise by the sea.

About the Islands of Sicily & Sardinia

Touring the Heart of Tuscany

Authentic culture awaits in the region’s rustic hill towns.

Friuli's First Class Whites

Complex and sophisticated, wines from this Northeastern region reflect Old World traditions with a modern spin.

Soave: The Go-to White

The go-to white for fans of the fresh and food-friendly.

The Cuisine of the Veneto

Barbaresco and Barolo

The grand crus of Piedmont require extra care, but deliver in spades.

The Cuisine of Northeastern Italy

The Two Faces of Brunello di Montalcino

Modern or classic…both approaches reflect the true identity of this iconic red.

About Southern Italy

Molise, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria

The Cuisine of Tuscany

Simple ingredients and big flavors define this iconic Italian region.
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