Cocktail Recipes & Mixology



Dutch Thrills February 2014

Dutch Thrills

Leave it to the pros at the Queens-based Dutch Kills to create something sweet with a mix of Campari, vermouth and dark beer.

What Distillers Drink February 2014

What Distillers Drink

We asked eight craft spirit makers what they pour when off duty.

Disco Drinks February 2014

Disco Drinks

Long scoffed-at as too sweet, ridiculously potent or just flat-out bad, several ’70s-era cocktails are now being revived (and seriously upgraded) by the best bartenders on the planet.

5 Spiked Summer Slushies Web 2014

5 Spiked Summer Slushies

Skip the usual mojito or margarita at your next summertime soirée and try these frozen treats instead.

Golden State Tipples California 2013

Golden State Tipples

These drinks feature the freshest local ingredients found along California's coast.

International Christmas Cocktails Best Of Year 2013

International Christmas Cocktails

These international cocktails will get you in the spirit of the season.

A Mid-Winter Cocktail Best Of Year 2013

A Mid-Winter Cocktail

This chest heater will keep Jack Frost at bay.

Four Christmas Cocktails December 01 2013

Four Christmas Cocktails

Say hello to the new crop of holiday cocktails from some of the world’s best bartenders. Cheers!

Organic Spirits to Try November 2013

Organic Spirits to Try

Organic spirits make for good cocktails and mindful drinking.

A New Agua Fresca Cocktail November 2013

A New Agua Fresca Cocktail

Book a quick mind vacation with this new take on the agua fresca.


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