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7 Questions for the Rapper-Turned-Winemaker E-40 June 2014

7 Questions for the Rapper-Turned-Winemaker E-40

No longer content to just rap about wine, E-40 added winemaker to his resume last year when he launched Earl Stevens Selections.

The Wine + Music Issue June 2014

The Wine + Music Issue

Welcome to our celebration of one of life’s best pairings.

5 Questions for the True Wine Connoisseurs June 2014

5 Questions for the True Wine Connoisseurs

We chat with the Brooklyn duo on becoming an online wine sensation.

Top Backstage Pours June 2014

Top Backstage Pours

Concert riders are a great way to score choice wine for free. Read what the stars are drinking backstage.

Musicians' Favorite Bars June 2014

Musicians' Favorite Bars

When you see your favorite artists at these watering holes, just be cool, man.

Six Celebrity Winemakers + Collectors June 2014

Six Celebrity Winemakers + Collectors

These performers experiment not only with verse, but also with wine. Learn how they blend their passions for jingle and juice.

Best Festival After-Parties June 2014

Best Festival After-Parties

Your guide for where to sip when the lights come up.

Barrels + Beats June 2014

Barrels + Beats

These five winemakers are hitting the high notes blending music and wine.

Five Music Festivals June 2014

Five Music Festivals

These American wineries organize next-level concerts for music fans and oenophiles alike.

Celebrity Wine Lovers June 2014

Celebrity Wine Lovers

These musicians take what's in the glass seriously.


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