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Shrimp Cocktail with Horseradish Panna Cotta and Spicy Tomato Syrup


From Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, Texas, this refreshing summer bite combines the clean flavor of poached shrimp with horseradish heat and the zing of tomato syrup. According to Chef Bruno Davaillon, “the key is not to overcook the shrimp.” Ingredients can be made a day in advance and assembled when needed. mansiononturtlecreek. com —LESLEY JACOBS SOLMONSON

Number of Servings
Makes 4 servings
For the shrimp cocktail:
1 pound shrimp, 20 count, poached
6 ounces horseradish panna cotta*
4 ounces spicy tomato syrup**

*For the horseradish panna cotta:
3.5 ounces heavy cream
1.5 ounces fresh horseradish
4.5 ounces crème fraiche
1 gelatin sheet
Salt and pepper

**For the spicy tomato syrup:
8 ounces tomatoes
1⁄4 ounce garlic cloves
1 ounce olive oil
1 teaspoon salt
1 pinch black pepper mignonette
1 red chili pepper
1.5 ounces sugar
1 ounce red wine vinegar
1 branch basil

For the garnish:
1 ounce lemon zest for garnish
4 ounces mesclun salad
2 ounces croutons
1 ounce verjus vinaigrette
(or oil/vinegar dressing)
Salt and pepper
Poach the shrimp. Set aside. For the horseradish panna cotta, infuse heavy cream, horseradish, salt and pepper in a large pot over low heat. When the flavor has developed, pass through a fine chinoise. Bloom gelatin in cold water. Dissolve gelatin in the horseradish cream; combine with crème fraiche. Reserve. For the tomato syrup, in a cocotte (or casserole dish), make a light caramel with sugar and olive oil; deglaze with the vinegar. Cut tomatoes in half and add to the cocotte. Add remaining ingredients and simmer over low heat for 45 minutes. Pass through a fine chinoise and cool. Reserve.

To plate: Set 1.5 ounces of horseradish panna cotta in a bowl, leave to set 1 hour in the refrigerator. Place 1 ounce spicy tomato syrup on top of panna cotta. Dress mesclun salad with verjus vinaigrette, salt and pepper. Place in the center of the bowl. Dress shrimp with verjus vinaigrette, lemon zest, salt and pepper. Place around mesclun. Finish with croutons.
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