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Drivin’ Us to Drink

We’ve all been told countless times that drinking and driving don’t mix, but tell that to the folks at Bennett Lane Winery. Naturally, they don’t promote sipping Chardonnay while tooling around the track, but winery owner and former race car driver Randy Lynch also owns NASCAR’s Bennett Lane Race Team, and he proudly emblazoned the BLW logo on his car. Why do it?
"I want to turn beer guzzlers," Lynch explains, "into wine drinkers." —Chris Rubin

Two easy ways for wine lovers to support breast cancer awareness

Two easy ways for wine lovers to support breast cancer awareness Riedel, in support the national nonprofit organization, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, has developed limited-edition pink versions of their popular "O" glasses. Fifteen percent of the purchase price will be donated to help the fight against breast cancer. $28;available at www.wineenthusiast.com
· For the third consecutive year, Click Wine Group will donate a portion of the proceeds from each bottle of Fat Bastard wines sold in September and October to help find a cure for breast cancer. To date, Click has already raised $100,000. Bonus: bottles with special "breast cancer awareness" neck placards come with enameled pink ribbon pins. http://www.fatbastard.com. —Samara D. Genee







Wine Companies Want to Make Every Night Ladies’ Night

Filmy, lingerie-like bags, labels that looks like romance-novel covers, and big, suggestive "O"s—what’s up with these new brands of wines for women? "More than 60 percent of wine drinkers are female and women buy 80 percent of the wine sold in the U.S," says Tracey Mason of Foster’s Wine Estates. The aims of these new brands, then, would appear to be to seduce those that are buying, but not drinking, to uncork some bottles.

The label of White Lie Early Season Chardonnay ($11), created by three women at Foster’s, looks like the cover of a romance novel. With delicate white script writing and an enticing name, you just have to wonder why they left Fabio out of the mix. According to the creators, "Trying to be on top of it all, especially during the week, often means giving up the wine we love. So a great tasting, low-alcohol wine for everyday seemed like the perfect solution." Seduction ($28), a Bordeaux blend, is a bolder wine with a more dramatic approach. "This wine really seduces with a rich, round entry, bold ripe flavors, and a sexy earthiness that carries through the long, warm finish," gushes the Seduction Web site. Through its sheer red, lingerie-like bag, you’ll see the outline of a big "O" on its label. (The "O" is for Napa’s O’Brian Cellars, the winery that produces Seduction. Why, what were you thinking?) Louis Bernard’s offering goes the young and trendy route: Lulu B’s label ($10) shows a cartoony, cool Parisian-type young woman. The line includes Chardonnay, Syrah and Pinot Noir, and is targeted to the twentysomething market.

What’s in the pipeline for women in 2006? Pink wines, and some ladylike bubblies?

— Meaghan Cameron

Published on October 1, 2005
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