St. Patrick's Day Libations

St. Patrick's Day Libations

A little bit of Irish comes out in all of us on St. Patrick’s Day. We all put on our green shirts, watch the parades and wear little buttons that say "Kiss me, I’m Irish." But what happens when you’ve grown out of green beer? Do you wish there were options that are a little more elegant? We have some options for you.

If you’re into beer but you’ve had your fill of Irish Stout or are looking for a lighter beer to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with, here’s a great choice from Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon. Rogue’s Kells Irish Style Lager is a honeyed


golden color, with aromas of lightly honeyed wheat. The round, lightly fizzy lager goes down smoothly, and its medium-body won’t weigh you down after just one pint. Tasty on its own, it also works well poured with a stout in a black-and-tan. As Rogue Brewmaster John Maier said, "Kells is an Irish Lager perfect for floating Guinness, and luck had nothing to do with it." You can find this Irish lager in Wild Oats, New Seasons, Roth’s, Whole Foods, Fred Meyer’s and QFC.

If you want that classic green drink, try something with a little more class this year. Korbel Champagne Cellars has created "St. Pat’s Magic," quite possibly the most fun and refreshing St. Patrick’s Day drink ever invented.

St. Pat’s Magic

  • In a shot glass, add one sugar cube and just enough Blue Curacao to cover it.
  • In a champagne flute, mix 4 ounces Korbel Brut Champagne and a splash of orange juice. Then, just before serving, add the sugar cube shot to the champagne flute. The drink will magically turn from yellow to greenish blue and generate plenty of "fizz" to enhance its delightfully fresh flavors.


Finally, if you’re a spirits fan, read our recommendations for Irish Whiskey and for the student in all of us, read a little bit about how far Irish Whiskies have come in the last few years.

Whatever your libation, have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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Published on March 17, 2006
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