Sips That Sizzle

Sips That Sizzle

No matter what’s on your dad’s plate this Father’s Day—a golf outing, an afternoon at his favorite fishing spot—you’ll want what’s on his plate for dinner to be just as special. Dads love their food to be “on fire,” so plan the menu, heat up the grill and select a wine. There is no better way to thank your dad than for all he’s done for you.

Peppercorn-Coated Rib Eye Steak

You can’t go wrong with a classic. Dads love steak, and the marbling in rib eye makes it one of the most flavorful cuts of beef. Coat it simply in cracked peppercorns before searing on the grill, and serve it alongside grilled mushrooms and Vidalia onions, and loaded Idaho baked potatoes.

Wine recommendations: Rib eye’s rich flavor demands a big red wine. The peppery notes in an Argentinean Malbec or an Australian Shiraz will match the spiciness of the cracked peppercorn coating, while the tannins in a bottle of California Cabernet Sauvignon are a perfect foil for the fattiness of the steak.

Thick Center Cut Pork Chops

Rubbed with the right seasonings, and grilled until juicy, pork chops can give red meat a run for its money. For side dishes, grill thick marinated zucchini slices, and make “packet potatoes” by grilling thinly-sliced unpeeled potatoes, olive oil, seasonings and Worcestershire sauce wrapped up in aluminum foil.

Wine recommendations: If the rub on the pork chops is spicy, pair it with an off-dry Kabinett Riesling from Germany’s Mosel region to tame the heat. A dry rosé from France or Spain is an attractive match for pork, while the subtle fruit and easy tannins of a South African Merlot will enhance the chops’ meatiness without overpowering their flavor.

Jumbo Shrimp Skewers

If your dad prefers surf to turf, find the largest shrimp or prawns you can to withstand the heat of the grill. Marinate for a half-hour in lime juice, chili powder, sea salt and minced garlic, and then grill on presoaked skewers for a few minutes per side. Round out the meal with sundried tomato couscous and grilled corn on the cob slathered in chive butter.

Wine recommendations: The fresh citrus notes and bright acidity in a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc will match the shrimp’s marinade. Spanish Albariño and Italian Pinot Grigio are also light-bodied and refreshing choices for shellfish.

Kelly Magyarics is a wine writer and educator in the Metro D.C. area. Kelly can be reached through her Web site, which is

Published on June 12, 2007
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