Cocktail of the Month August 2007

Cocktail of the Month August 2007

The clean, lively flavors of St-Germain’s signature cocktail are well-suited for warm weather sips under an umbrella or lolling in a hammock. “Think of Paris circa 1947,” St-Germain urges. “Or think of Sartre circa 1947. Be the lemon twist.”

2 shots of dry white wine (preferably  Sauvignon Blanc) or sparkling wine

1 1/2 shots of St-Germain (artisanal  elderflower liqueur)
2-3 shots soda water

Stir all ingredients in a tall, ice-filled Collins glass, mixing completely. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Click here to read more about St-Germain, a new artisanal liqueur whose delicate but complex flavors capture the essence of the season.

Published on August 15, 2007
Topics: Cocktail Recipes, Drinks

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