Riedel Disputes Eisch Breathable Glass Claim

Riedel Disputes Eisch Breathable Glass Claim

Can a wine glass breathe? That’s the tempest in a, err, wine glass at the center of a legal dispute between Riedel, the world-famous manufacturer of crystal wine glasses, and Eisch, a German-based glass company.

Turns out that Eisch is marketing a wine glass it claims is able to breathe. The company’s Web site says the glasses “undergo a protected oxygenisation [sic] process which gives the Breathable Glass its unique properties…in a Breathable Glass the bouquet and aromas of a wine already develop in only 24 minutes. Time-consuming decanting is no longer necessary…”

Riedel’s head, Georg Riedel, told Decanter Magazine that the developer of the Breathable Glass process, who has not been identified,  first approached him to manufacture it, but “We passed,” after testing it and finding it wanting.

The developer apparently then went to Eisch. Riedel filed the lawsuit against Eisch in German courts.

Published on November 6, 2007
Topics: Eisch, Lawsuit, Reidel

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