Top 100 Best Buys of 2007

Top 100 Best Buys of 2007

Wine is a wonderful beverage in itself, but sometimes other factors impinge on our enjoyment. Context matters. Country wines taste exquisite when enjoyed in that country. (Italy, France anyone?) Wine shared with a lover tastes supremely delicious. But drowning our sorrows in a bottle after a romantic break-up or financial setback, the wine will suffer. Likewise, price. If a wine doesn’t please us in proportion to what we paid for it, the wine falls even flatter on the palate. But if those first sips deliver exquisite, or even satisfying flavor, a surprise given what was expected based on price, then the pleasure is all the more.

Here are 100 wines that should taste even better for being priced well.

If a wine’s score on the Wine Enthusiast 100-point scale is high in relation to its price (a very precise formula that we keep to ourselves, but 87-points-and-above and $15-and-below are approximate yardsticks), then it merits a Best Buy designation. The higher the rating and lower the price, the more of a quintessential Best Buy a wine becomes, no mystery about that.

Less than 10% of the approximately 10,000 wines we review annually merit this designation. So enjoy this elite grouping of Best Buy wines. In selecting, opening and sharing with friends and family, you won’t be disappointed.

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Published on January 18, 2008
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