Vinotherapy at Home

Vinotherapy at Home

Days of soaking, sipping and relaxing in one of the Napa Valley’s many wine spas may be an indulgence beyond compare, but a wine spa treatment at home can provide all of the pleasures of vinotherapy while saving both time and money. With the right products, mood and décor, any bathroom can be transformed into a grape-perfumed oasis.

Diane Hanson, owner of Delluva Vinotherapy Day Spa, suggests setting a mood that evokes a peaceful vineyard. Hanson noted that her spa uses burgundy and cream colors and light and dark woods to call to mind the images of grapes and vineyards. While a complete bathroom remodeling might be a bit drastic for such an occasion, home bathers can make use of shaded light or candles to achieve the desired effect.

If candles are part of the décor, they should have light, neutral scents, says Hanson, adding that richly scented candles might impede any post-bath wine drinking with their heavy fragrances. Hanson recommends Voluspa’s Crisp Champagne candle, which evokes dry Champagne with a hint of fruity ginger. And Vinsunto Vinotherapy (offers a line of vinotherapy candles that melt into thermal massage oil that can be applied after the bath.

To start off the treatment, try a shower and scrub with a grapeseed body exfoliator, such as d’vine’s Zinfandel Exfoliating Scrub Mask, which will slough off dead cells, freshening the skin in preparation for the coming treatments. While in the bath, refresh the body with some antioxidant-rich bath and shower washes. Vinotherapy pioneer Caudalie offers several great shower companions, including Cabernet, Fleur de Vigne and Sauvignon shower gels. However, leave the wine at the bathroom door, as drinking wine while bathing can be very dehydrating (alcohol and heat both draw moisture from the skin), possibly leading to headache or other undesirable effects.

After the bath, Hanson recommends applying body oil and then a body lotion for maximum moisturizing effects. A combination of TheraVINE’s Moisturizing Pinotage Body Oil, which contains antioxidant-rich grapeseed oil, and Cabernet Body Lotion, which contains red vine leaf extract and vitamin E, will lock in moisture and nourish the skin.
Now that the body has been fed and pampered, it’s time to round out the treatment with a facial. Fruits & Passion offers the Défense Purifying Mask, which combines whole-grape extract with clay to cleanse the skin of impurities. For oily skin, d’vine’s Primitivo mask contains a mixture of green tea, rosemary and cranberry aimed to help control oiliness and breakouts. For the eyes, d’vine’s Chenin Blanc eye serum helps both tame the puffiness and dark circles around the eyes and hydrate the skin around the eye area.

Thanks to 360° Skin Care, bathers can soothe their skin and their consciences by using all-natural, cruelty-free products. The company’s Wine Therapy Collection includes an exfoliating body scrub, a body wash, a body lotion, and a body mousse, none of which have been tested on animals.

Whatever the music, candles, or bath products, the home wine spa experience is truly about taking time to relax and indulge with indolence…and savoring that glass of Cabernet during the fresh, languid afterglow.

Published on September 26, 2008
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