Vodka Trends: Vitamin Infused Vodka

Vodka Trends: Vitamin Infused Vodka

Drink to your health. Get your recommended daily vitamin intake—in just seven shots of vodka.

Kids these days—they’re so spoiled. They don’t know how it was to walk seven miles each way to school in the snow, or write letters longhand. And thanks to a new brand called Lotus, they may also never know what it’s like to ingest nutritional supplements in pills the size of wombat droppings. Call it serendipity, call it progress or call it what you will, but it’s now possible to ingest our Recommended Daily Allowances of some essential vitamins in dirty martini form.

Triple-distilled Lotus vodka delivers about 14% of your RDA of four B vitamins, plus either ginseng and vitamin C in(White Lotus) or caffeine and guarana extract (in Blue Lotus), per one-ounce shot—that’s right, it would take about seven ounces of vodka to reach your recommended intake of these vitamins. (A Lotus rep is careful to qualify: “We don’t however have any data on long-term stability of the vitamins in this matrix.”) No matter—we don’t have any data on the longterm stability of our livers after drinking a third of a bottle of vodka a day, either.

Published on December 3, 2008
Topics: Spirits, Vodka

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