Top Cellar Selections of 2009

Top Cellar Selections of 2009

As wallets tighten and smart investment becomes ever more key for wine lovers, our collection of the Top 100 Cellar Selections from 2009 is, we hope, timed auspiciously. Without apologies, this is by and large a list for collectors with deep cellars and fat wallets, but price and availability are still factors, and we believe these wines will bring enjoyment and truly good investment鈥攆or years to come.

This list of 100 great cellar-worthy wines is a relatively new category, which we first created for our Best of Year issue in 2007. Throughout the year, our tasting panelists can apply a “Cellar Selection” designation on a wine that he or she feels is collectible and/or might require time in a properly temperature-and humidity-controlled cellar to deliver maximum pleasure.

Keep in mind that many of these wines are limited in production, and just like wines on our other Top 100 lists, some may have sold out or increased in price since our initial reviews were published.

The nature of this list intrinsically favors those parts of the world known for producing intense, cellar-worthy wines. In general, the New World wines, while still demanding time on the cellar, will require less aging than their European counterparts.

In years to come, these wines will begin to offer depth and complexity that other wines can only envy. They get older and better鈥攁 powerful combination.

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Published on January 11, 2010