Evolution of a Wine Journal

The highs and lows of the educated nose.

Entry #1 Tasting Notes:
1.) White.
2.) Crisp.
3.) Convenient screwcap.
4.) Good with takeout burrito.
Entry #33
1.) Sweet, yet spicy.
2.) Buttery, yet dry.
3.) Bold, yet subtle.
4.) Loved it/hated it. (Note to self: overcome
fear of commitment; make more definitive tasting
Entry #64
1.) Velvety smooth.
2.) Rich and lush.
3.) Label says “plummy,” I say “cherry.”
4.) Sturdy companion to grilled steak with firm
structure and chewy texture (especially when
consumed simultaneously).
Entry #121
1.) Tinges of spicy apple tingle in my nose along
with something more. Tangerine perhaps? Zest
of zucchini? Newly mown lawn?
2.) Undercurrents of toasty oak and creamy
vanilla add a mellow tone reminiscent of a
Michael Bublé ballad, though lacking the breezy
elegance one would expect from the man music
critics have called “breezy and elegant.”
3.) Haunting bouquet that lingers long after the
abrupt disappearance of the pistachio-encrusted
lamb, its pungent allure both attracts and repels
me, like a cross between a sweet white peach
and a crowded airport shuttle bus.
Entry #157
1.) Husky for its age, with a passive-aggressive
temperament that veers erratically from youthful
exuberance to a crusty cynicism masquerading
as worldly-wise realism.
2.) Ripe and fragrant with a funky, in-your-face
swagger oddly suggestive of Bette Midler live
from Caesars Palace.
3.) Flirty, fruit-forwardness quickly escalates
into slutty “love for sale” aggressiveness leaving
me feeling dirty and used, yet strangely
enchanted in a way I can’t and won’t defend.
Entry #199
1.) Smokey hints of tobacco and pepper vie for
my approval, jostling for tongue time and bickering
over who’s setting the tone.
2.) A rustic persona plays rambunctiously on the
palate, suggesting wild blackberries or, perhaps,
the Wild, Wild West.
3.) Aromas of leather and licorice tease and
taunt me, daring me to write the words
“leather” and “licorice” side by side. Game on!
4.) How audaciously fickle, this hodgepodge of
contrasting flavors—one minute a tasteful celebration
of fun-loving fig and vivacious cranberry,
the next an ugly barroom brawl between hotheaded
black cherry and overbearing currant.
5.) A tangy bluster takes me aback, then an
accommodating nature gradually emerges to
coax trust and a soothing calmness, only to be
sucker-punched with the one-two wallop of tart
pomegranate and deepening peril.
6.) Exhilarating moments of “zin-ful” pleasure
are followed by fatigue, disgust and a sense that
life is hollow. I search for a wine to give my
heart to and instead play the pawn in a twisted
game of mixed messages, hidden agendas and
the bitter sediment of crushed dreams. I see the
painful, downward spiral of my life: betrayal by
friends, bad career moves, tax problems, living
in the woods, eating chili from a can.
Entry #200
1.) White.
2.) Crisp.
3.) Convenient screwcap.
4.) Good with takeout burrito.

Published on February 9, 2010
Topics: Tasting Notes

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