Olympic Sips

Olympic Sips


The 2010 Torch cocktail

With Lindsey Vonn’s victory in the Women’s Downhill no doubt a few Americans toasted Gold. The cocktail of choice at the Four Seasons Resort Whistler, not far from the downhill course, is a flamed affair called, fittingly, the 2010 Torch Cocktail.

Conceived by Michael Pacovsky and Uriah Conti, the restaurant director, and mixologist respectively at the resorts Fifty Two 80 Bistro & Bar; (That’s a mile high. Get it?) the concoction pairs vodka with healthy portions of fresh pear puree and the berry-of-the moment, Acai.

An absinthe laced sugar cube provides fuel for a flame that is doused with an international sparkler of the guests choosing—see options listed at the end of the article.

Pick your medal.

1 oz. Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka
1 oz. Pear puree
1½ oz. Monavie Acai Berry Energy Drink
¼ oz. Hill’s Absinthe
1 ea. Sugar cube

Shake the vodka and pear puree over ice then pour into the copper glass. Top with Monavie energy drink. Place the martini shaker lid upside down over the top of the glass and set 1 sugar cube. Pour ¼ oz. Absinthe over the sugar cube and light the sugar cube on fire.
Guests can also “choose their Medal” based on the champagne they choose to extinguish the flame:

Bronze: Col de Salici Prosecco Brut, Veneto IT $28.
Silver: Blue Mountain ‘Gold Label’ Brut N/V, Okanagan Falls BC $30.
Gold: Pol Roger ‘Cuvée de Réserve’ Extra Brut N/V, Épernay FR $32.

Midnight Train

Scot Curry, the assistant bar manager at Araxi in Whistler, is obsessed with using 
Canadian products and produce whenever possible when creating cocktails. While there are no fresh fruits above the 45th parallel in February,
 Curry still wanted to stay true to his Canadian heritage when he
 crafted his take on a Whisky Sour. His “Midnight Train,” currently on 
the menu for the Games, includes juices sourced from stone fruit, a 
sweetening shot of Sortilege Maple Liqueur made from a blend of maple
 syrup and Canadian Rye Whisky and, of course, Canadian Club.

Dark, and a touch frothy in the glass, this concoction has been a hit
 with Olympic fans.

1 oz Sortilege Maple Liqueur, from Quebec
.5 oz Canadian Club
.75 oz Giffard Pear Liqueur
1 oz Unfiltered Apple Juice
1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Egg White

Shake all ingredients and strain into a chilled cocktail glass, garnish 
with freshly shaved nutmeg.

The Five Stars

When I called David Wolowidnyk, bar manager and drink specialist at 
Vancouver’s West Restaurant, looking for a recipe for a distinctly 
Canadian Cocktail that he would be pouring his Olympic visitors he 
reminded me of why the world loves Canadians.

” We haven’t been thinking like that,” he said. “Instead, we have been 
trying make cocktails that appeal to the tastes of our world visitors,
 not just our own palates. For example, we’ve had lots of Norwegians in 
the last couple of weeks so we have tried to be creative and put a
 freestyle spin on some drinks with Aquavit. We just want our guests to
 be comfortable and happy.” 

 Walking distance to a variety of
 Olympic venues, Wolowidnyk’s (it’s pronounced just like it’s 
spelled. Wallow-wid-nik) bar has been full with faces from around the globe 
who have come to try his unique concoctions. 

Below is his Five Stars Cocktail. Named for obvious reasons.

1 4 oz   Ardbeg 10 year Single malt Whisky
1 oz   Calvados
1 oz   Pommeau de Normandie (cider-based aperitif)
14 oz   Giffard Caramel Liqueur
1 dash  Fee Brothers Old Fashion Bitters
1 slice apple (for garnish)
 Coupe cocktail glass (pre-chilled)

Measure all the liquid ingredients into a mixing glass then add ice to
 fill half way.
 Stir gently to chill and gently dilute (30 seconds)
Strain into prepared cocktail glass.
 Cut out some interesting shapes (like stars!) from the apple slice and 
float on top.

Wolowidnyks Note: “The wisp of peat smoke gently surrounds both the 
apple aperitif and apple liquor, accented by the aromatic spices of the
 old fashion bitters. This drink reminds me of having a baked apple over 
an open fire.”

Published on February 22, 2010
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