Wine Enthusiast Goes Blackberry

Wine Enthusiast Goes Blackberry

Praise is already following the just-released Wine Enthuisiast Blackberry application.

In 2008, Wine Enthusiast officially entered the Smartphone app game, launching an iPhone buying guide for only $9.99. Offering on-the-spot wine advice, the app compiled all the reviews from Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s extensive database into an easy-to-navigate format, allowing users to search via appellation, price, variety or wine rating.

Now Blackberry users can also enjoy this portable sommelier. Today, the New Jersey-based handheld development company LandWare and Wine Enthusiast announced that the 2010 Wine Enthusiast Guide, complete with over 80,000 reviews and 1,000 reviews added each month, is now compatible with the Blackberry product line.
And there are some upgrades as the 2010 version takes advantage of LandWare’s live data access, providing real time updates of the wine review database to ensure you have the latest version. Additionally, the program provides the ability to bookmark one’s favorites in a wish list and cellar collection list, as well as one-tap access to a 12-year vintage chart.
“Working closely together with LandWare, we feel strongly we have created the highest quality guide available for the BlackBerry owner—including myself,” said Francis M. Juliano, Wine Enthusiast’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Customers can now have our very latest expert reviews and ratings based on the popular 100-point scale transforming their Smartphone into their personal wine assistant.”
The first review on Blackberry Sync, a Blackberry news site providing commentary and reviews of all the latest apps out there, generated the highest accolade: five stars.
Here’s an excerpt:

“A complete reference for wines, telling you the wineries, the vintages, the ratings, how to read the years, you will really be able to hold true to the saying, “I’ll pick no wine before it’s time”. The price is even great seeing how it costs less than a quality cork screw.

So if you’re a person just interested, or someone who is entertaining, someone who is a true wine enthusiast, this app is for all of you.”

Read the entire review here.

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Published on March 5, 2010
Topics: Blackberry Apps